SANTA MONICA, CA--(Marketwired - Jun 15, 2017) - MomentFeed, the leader in mobile customer experience management for multi-location brands, today released a proprietary research report that provides insights that have significant implications for how multi-location brands should engage with their increasingly mobile and social customers.

The study, based on analysis of impression data gathered by MomentFeed in early 2017 from more than 50 national brand clients, was conducted to examine the engagement of consumers with brands across mobile devices and digital networks, and across multiple sectors including restaurant chains, retailers, and consumer services businesses. With mobile influencing 56% of all offline sales according to Deloitte, taking advantage of mobile engagement as a primary revenue driver for in-store sales couldn't be more important to national brands. 

"Local" Pages Have 5x The Impact of Corporate Pages
While nationally-focused brand pages have provided a helpful way of communicating with customers, the study revealed that local storefronts on mobile are now becoming the first line of engagement with the consumer, with the master brand's website as a secondary catch-all:

  • 84.8% of all consumer impressions, where customers are seeking information most relevant to them, happen on digital assets that represent individual stores, branches, showrooms and restaurants.
  • Only 15.2% of impressions are on brand or corporate assets -- including the brand's own website and social media pages.

Facebook Local & Yelp Drive the Best Customer Leads
Based on MomentFeed's research, Facebook store pages are quickly emerging as the largest source of consumer impressions. Likewise, millions of impressions measured across Google and Yelp revealed noticeable differences in both lead source and conversion rates between the two. The study shows that:

  • 25x more impressions took place on Facebook store pages than on Facebook brand pages.
  • When going head-to-head, 91% of mobile impressions came from Google and 9% from Yelp. However, the Yelp views converted to leads (clicks for direction or calls) at 19%, compared to Google visitors that converted at just 6%.

Accurate Location Information Needs To Be A Higher Priority
When it comes to a business' physical location being accurately placed on maps, 67% of consumers say they lose trust in a brand if they find inaccurate location information online.

As part of the study, MomentFeed analyzed latitude and longitude coordinates for 20,000 locations from multiple businesses in the MomentFeed Mobile Customer Experience Management platform before they were cleansed and updated by the MomentFeed digital presence team. The analysis showed that of these locations:

  • A staggering 94% had latitude/longitude inaccuracies.
  • About half of the inaccuracies were within 30 feet. While it may seem that being 'only' 30 feet off is 'good enough', this level of inaccuracy still impacts consumer behavior, especially in malls and with bank ATMs.
  • 46% of locations had inaccuracies greater than 30 feet, the level where customer experience takes a truly negative downturn.

"For a long time now, we have been seeing this steady rise in how much more consumers choose to engage with local pages over corporate pages for information, and believe that the trend is finally gaining mainstream adoption," said Robert Blatt, CEO of MomentFeed. "Many of our multi-location clients were early adopters of this local engagement strategy, and with the help of our partner platforms like Facebook, Snap, Apple, Google, Yelp and others, MomentFeed has been an innovator in leveraging local digital footprints to drive both online and offline sales for our customers. Brands that continue to invest in their local digital presence will be best positioned to win customers, and not get swept under in the rapidly shifting mobile riptide that many retailers are experiencing now."

The bottom line: multi-location brands can gain a competitive advantage by putting greater resources into their local digital strategies, placing more value on the importance of their digital storefronts.

The full, detailed report can be found here:

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