SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS--(Marketwired - June 15, 2017) - Nerium Biotechnology, Inc. ("Nerium" or the "Company") today announces that it is mailing a letter to shareholders in advance of the Company's annual meeting on June 29, 2017. The shareholder letter which is reproduced below, provides important information for shareholder consideration regarding the election of directors at the annual meeting. This is an important meeting for shareholders as the decisions made with respect to the election of the Company's board of directors will determine Nerium's future.

Nerium is pleased to confirm the support of its largest shareholders for the re-election of the current board of directors (the "Board"). The shareholder letter, as well as a letter received by Nerium from Crandell Addington, a large shareholder of Nerium and CEO, Chairman and Director of Phoenix Biotechnology, will be mailed to shareholders today. A copy of the shareholder letter and other materials is available on the Company's issuer profile on SEDAR and on the Company's website

Your Board needs your support, please vote using only the GREEN proxy FOR Dennis R. Knocke, Gustavo A. Ulloa, Jr., Richard J.G. Boxer, Michael Burke, Kerry Mitchell and Peter A. Leininger, M.D.

Shareholders are encouraged to vote via the internet at and enter the 12 digit control number located on your GREEN proxy, to ensure your vote is received in advance of the proxy deadline of June 27, 2017 10:00 a.m. (Toronto time). Shareholders may also vote by sending their signed GREEN proxy to TSX Trust Company via fax: 416-595-9593 or email: or by mail in the envelope provided.

The Company also announces that it has commenced selling its over-the-counter product, NeriumAD Advanced, in Mexico. This represents the effective development of a new distribution channel for the Company's products and a source of future revenue that does not depend upon the cooperation of the Company's distributor, Nerium International LLC (the "Distributor").

It has come to the Company's attention that the amount of the Distributor's sales in 2015 and 2016 were incorrect in the Company's June 2, 2017 management information circular (the "Circular"). The Company received multiple versions of the Distributor's 2015 financial statements, each containing different numbers. The Company mistakenly included as the amount of the Distributor's 2015 sales an amount provided in an earlier version of the Distributor's 2015 financial statements and included the amount from a later version of the Distributor's 2015 financial statements as the 2016 sales amount. In fact, the Distributor's 2015 sales were US$496,838,912. The Company has never received a final version of the Distributor's financial statements for 2016, but based on a draft version of the Distributor's 2016 financial statement, the Distributor's 2016 sales were US$336,331,483. Corrected versions of the tables included on pages 19 and 20 of the Circular are provided below. The Company does not believe the updated information changes in any material respect the issues raised by it in the Circular.

Sales to

Company Sales as % of
Distributor Sales
Company Net Income (Loss)
Net Income
(Loss) excluding
Legal Expenses
2011 382,265 2,438,318 16% -1,857,688 -1,857,688
2012 13,872,229 79,723,238 17% 4,926,101 4,926,101
2013 25,848,220 207,288,817 12% 12,633,906 12,633,906
2014 37,880,777 394,806,976 10% 12,896,287 13,310,951
2015 45,859,608 496,838,912 9% -2,633,977 4,974,341
2016 14,085,999 336,331,483 4% -2,263,068 -1,147,017
Year Distributor Sales
Profits Available for Distribution
Distributions to JO Products
Distributions to the Company
Percentage of any Distribution paid to the Company
2011 2,438,318 -905,418 - - -
2012 79,723,238 16,863,247 - - -
2013 207,288,817 45,870,076 20,834,154 7,563,000 27%
2014 394,806,876 61,646,787 33,134,006 11,475,000 26%
2015 496,838,912 -2,633,977 7,500,000 1,500,000 17%
2016 336,331,483 -2,263,068 Unknown - -
TOTAL 61,468,160 20,538,000 25%

In response to the group of dissident shareholders retaining a proxy solicitation agent in connection with the Company's upcoming annual meeting, the Company has retained Shorecrest Group to act as proxy solicitation agent on behalf of the Company for a fee of approximately US$75,000 and reimbursement of its reasonable out-of-pocket expenses. All costs of solicitation by management will be borne by the Company.

YOUR VOTE IS IMPORTANT. To support your current Board, please vote using only your GREEN proxy. Please disregard any other proxy received. If you have already voted using the dissident proxy and wish to vote FOR the current directors, please vote using the GREEN proxy sent to you. This will automatically revoke any previous proxies submitted. If you have any questions or require assistance in voting, please contact the proxy solicitation agent Shorecrest Group toll free at 1-888-637-5789 or direct 647-931-7454.

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Nerium Biotechnology, Inc. is a biotechnology company involved in the research, product development, manufacture and marketing of Nerium oleander-based products. The Company's shares are not listed on any stock exchange or quotation system.

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