Win in Federal Patent Lawsuit Confirms Strength of Sensoria Intellectual Property and Value of Proprietary Technology

United States Federal District Court rules in favor of Sensoria. World leader in artificial intelligence smart garment technology reaffirms brand’s commitment to defend and protect its Intellectual Property.

REDMOND, Wash., June 16, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Sensoria Inc., a world leader in artificial intelligence and smart garment wearable solutions, announces today its victory in a patent infringement lawsuit filed by Sarvint Technologies, Inc. against Sensoria, Inc. and other leading sports apparel brands. A U.S. District Judge dismissed Sarvint’s lawsuit and awarded judgment to Sensoria after a string of successes by the company.

Sarvint Technologies, Inc. filed the lawsuit in Northern District of Georgia in January 2015 in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District Court Georgia in Atlanta. Sarvint sought a preliminary injunction against several Sensoria products, but Judge Batten denied that motion after holding a hearing in September 2015. A year later, Judge Batten adopted the Report and Recommendation of a court appointed Special Master regarding the construction of key patent terms in dispute after overruling Sarvint’s objections.   At that time, Sarvint’s last group of lawyers withdrew from the case and Sensoria in turn asked Judge Batten to dismiss the case for failure to retain new counsel and prosecute the case. Judge Batten granted that motion yesterday and awarded judgment to Sensoria. 

“We are pleased with the positive outcome of the lawsuit. Sensoria will continue to take all necessary measures to defend its brand’s reputation and innovation in wearable technology that helps people monitor their health and fitness,” said Davide Vigano, CEO and co-founder of Sensoria“We are thankful for our extremely talented legal team who defended our intellectual property.  At Sensoria, we have and always will be committed to creating new and engaging quality products for our customers. We continue to push the boundaries of smart garment technology and believe the possibilities are boundless.”

According to Sensoria’s lead trial counsel Steven Auvil, a Partner with Squire Patton Boggs (US) LLP and head of its Intellectual Property & Technology Litigation practice in the U.S., “We are very pleased that Judge Batten put an end to this ill-advised lawsuit filed by Sarvint. I applaud Sensoria’s willingness to stand firm and defend itself against Sarvint’s infringement claims. In the end, Sensoria’s patience with the judicial system paid off, as it was completely vindicated by Judge Batten’s dismissal of the case.”

Sensoria’s smart garment technology has obtained trademarks and broad patent protection for its smart garment technology. The company’s product line includes the only textile sensing smart socks available in the market and a Bluetooth Smart connected heart rate monitoring sports bra or t-shirt to help users stay on track with their fitness goals. Together, the smart socks and upper body garments track data such as distance, time, pace, cadence, foot landing, impact forces and more. Data is sent to Sensoria’s mobile apps, which feature an artificial intelligence powered running coach offering real-time feedback and a virtual shoe closet that measures miles and performance and alerts users when it’s time to invest in a new pair of running shoes.

Since its original patents were issued, Sensoria continues to pioneer and deliver new products in the world of wearable technology to enable the Internet of Me (IoMe), which tailors the internet of things (IoT) to the individual. Most recently, Sensoria announced its Sensoria Core technology, an innovative, non-mission specific chip that allows brands to connect their own smart footwear, sports apparel and accessories to create sensor infused garments and cloud components similar to the ones used in Sensoria’s smart garment running system.

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