Lever Introduces Powerful Sourcing Analytics as Nurture Product Hits 100th Customer Milestone

New Lever Nurture Reports Enable Organizations to Track, Measure and Optimize Sourcing Strategy at a Glance

San Francisco, California, UNITED STATES

SAN FRANCISCO, June 21, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Lever, the Talent Acquisition Suite for more than 1,300 leading companies around the world, today introduced Lever Nurture Reports, powerful analytics that enable companies to easily track, measure and optimize all of their candidate sourcing activity. The announcement coincides with Lever Nurture, the company’s sourcing automation software, reaching its 100th customer milestone following its release late last year.

As an increasing number of companies find inbound applicants insufficient to fill their toughest roles, Lever Nurture equips recruiting teams with powerful sourcing automation technology to deliver consistent, timely, and personalized communications to passive candidates – allowing companies to easily increase the effectiveness of their sourcing efforts. For example, mobile monetization company Button and e-commerce platform Shopify both saw their candidate response rate double to well over 40 percent with Lever Nurture.

“We developed Lever Nurture with a single goal in mind – to help our customers significantly boost their sourcing efficiency and results through software that enables a more personalized, higher-touch experience for candidates,” said Lever CEO Sarah Nahm. “With Lever Nurture Reports, we are doubling down on that goal by giving our customers immediate access to the insights they need to assess, up-level and prove the value of their sourcing strategy.”

Lever Nurture Reports highlight company-wide sourcing activity and results, which enables the organization to answer the question, “Is our sourcing strategy working?” at a glance. The reports also allows recruiters to quickly identify top-performing sourcing campaigns with details on open and response rates, and ultimately, which campaigns lead to successful hires.

In addition to campaigns, customers can view their data by user, posting, sender, source and more. This enables users to discover insights like the best sourcers on their team, jobs where their sourcing activities yield the greatest results, and which team members generate the highest response rates. Additionally, with Nurture Reports’ intuitive grouping options, customers can easily drill down beyond high-level results, to answer granular questions, like how an individual sourcer’s campaigns are performing for a specific role.

"Lever Nurture Reports will both help me understand the efficacy of my team's sourcing efforts at a high level and drill down into the productivity of each sourcer and recruiter,” said Erin Symons, Operations Manager at healthtech company Forward, Inc. “More importantly, the reports will enable me and my team to become smarter by recognizing which campaigns are working to easily iterate on our recruiting strategy."

Lever Nurture Reports will be rolled out to all Lever Nurture customers this July. For more information about Lever Nurture, visit https://www.lever.co/nurture.

About Lever

Built from the conviction that recruiting is the responsibility of everyone at the company, Lever’s Talent Acquisition Suite draws the entire team together to efficiently source, nurture, interview, and hire top talent through effortless collaboration. Lever has been intentionally designed with integrated ATS + CRM functionality and a modern interface that helps employers develop stronger candidate relationships and drive higher engagement in fewer clicks.

Lever was founded in 2012 and supports the hiring needs of over 1,300 leading companies around the globe including the teams at Netflix, Lyft, KPMG, and Owens-Illinois. With an overall gender ratio of 50:50, Lever is also fiercely committed to building a team culture that celebrates diversity and inclusion. For more information, visit https://www.lever.co/nurture.


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