NEWPORT BEACH, CA--(Marketwired - Jun 21, 2017) - SRMX/SkyFidelity, Inc. (OTC: SRMX) (the "Company") today announces that as of May 10, 2017, SkyFidelity, Inc. has successfully completed its merger with Saddle Ranch Media, Inc. ("SRMX"). At this time, the emerging Company intends to rapidly move forward with various business activities, including the immediate filing of the necessary documents to change the operating name and symbol of Saddle Ranch Media, Inc. to SkyFidelity, Inc. with corresponding ticker symbol, "SKYX." The Company anticipates that all of the documentation necessary for filing and registration of the new operating name and symbol will occur by June 27, 2017.

In conjunction with the merger, the Company, through its Tri Cascade, Inc. subsidiary, has retained the services of Boustead Securities, LLC, a California-based FINRA broker/dealer, as its exclusive financial advisor. Boustead Securities is an investment banking firm that advises clients on IPOs, mergers and acquisitions, capital raises, and restructuring assignments with particular emphasis in the Intellectual Property (IP) arena. SRMX/SkyFidelity believes that through its retention of Boustead Securities it has the opportunity to access substantial capital markets that will enable the Company to manufacture and take to market its exclusive range of proprietary hardware and software devices.

SRMX/SkyFidelity is presently engaging with SEC counsel and a public accounting firm in order to receive qualified legal and accounting advice for initiatives moving forward.

"With the retention of these new professional legal and accounting firms amid the completion of this merger, we are taking a major step toward our goal of becoming a completely reporting entity. These corporate milestones provide us with a strong foundation from which we plan to progress to larger trading exchanges in the near future," says SRMX/SkyFidelity management.

About SRMX/SkyFidelity, Inc.
SRMX/SkyFidelity's objective is to build a world-class multi-division technology company. In order to expand its operational capacities in the wireless world, SkyFidelity purchased 100% of the stock in Tri Cascade, Inc. in July 2016. This acquisition provides SkyFidelity the opportunity to acquire manufacturing and product development experience in Taiwan and China under the exceptional leadership of Tri Cascade's management team, which is led by its president and CEO, Max Li.

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About Tri Cascade, Inc.
Founded in May 2010, Tri Cascade, Inc. is committed to developing innovative Internet of Things (IoT) convergent technologies and products to reduce energy costs and empower the end user for smarter and safer living. Leveraging its extensive experience in energy management, wireless networking, and home and B2B automation and device control systems, Tri Cascade focuses on bringing leading edge Wi-Fi and Machine-to-Machine wireless innovations for smart energy management to both residential and commercial markets. Tri Cascade aims to use the Internet of Things to make cities dynamic and responsive to energy demands and real-time energy spikes. Tri Cascade's first product release is the i-BRIGHT™7x Smart Surge Protector, a Wi-Fi-enabled home energy management tool embedded with online scheduling and power consumption metering on the Microsoft® Cloud.

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