FREDERICKSBURG, VA--(Marketwired - June 21, 2017) - IST Research, which creates and offers proven technology to address human security challenges, today announced it was awarded a $633,814 contract from The Combating Terrorism Technical Support Office (CTTSO) to develop new capabilities of its Pulse Platform to support operational end users within the Marine Corps Information Operations Center (MCIOC). This contract will serve to further the company's operational use of its technology to address urgent, real-world challenges.

Within the terms of the contract, IST Research will be funded to develop and integrate front-end user interfaces that support the design of population engagement campaigns that meet established doctrine requirements. In addition, the company will create a mission assessment module that facilitates the definition and assessment of measures of performance (MOP) and measures of effectiveness (MOE) for information campaigns.

"We are creating additional capability for the Pulse Platform that can provide operators with tactical-level micro-survey design for extended engagements," said Carrick Longley, IST Principle Investigator. "It will help inform decision-makers in achieving local mission objectives, while also providing the capability to link survey design and data collection to mission-oriented information requirements and operational assessment metrics -- all of which will move forward the ability to deploy Pulse in support of doctrinal missions."

IST Research's Pulse Platform blends population engagement and Internet monitoring to create novel data streams designed to address some of the most urgent human security issues faced by the world's vulnerable populations -- specifically transnational crime and global extremist terrorism. The company has integrated templates for ease of use, as well as assessment tools for continual evaluation of the project.

"We are looking forward to moving ahead quickly with this work for CTTSO," said Ryan Paterson, founder and CEO, IST Research. "CTTSO is most directly and strategically focused on developing innovative technology for rapid transition to the warfighter and we believe this is a place where our technology will truly shine."

IST Research will carry out the contract work in four phases: Phase 1 will focus on use-case development to provide the necessary foundation for the consecutive engineering and test phases; Phase 2 will encompass development of the final product focused on templates and interfaces to rapidly design effective micro-surveys and data collection, as well as assess the performance and effectiveness of information campaigns; Phase 3 will be the operational test and evaluation period to ensure operational relevance and platform stability in partnership with the MCIOC; and Phase 4 will include the creation and delivery of the final technical report, as well as the final Pulse EEP platform.

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Organizations and agencies (governmental, non-governmental, nonprofits and others) that require localized, discreet information from hard-to-reach and vulnerable populations employ IST Research and its proprietary Pulse Platform to provide unique insight and actionable intelligence to solve complex human security issues around the world. IST Research focuses on transnational crimes, global extremist terrorism, and ensuring humanitarian efforts and cease-fire agreements are being carried out correctly. The Pulse Platform is a data collection and analysis toolkit that integrates both active population engagement and passive monitoring to tackle complex and evolving issues, and was recently bolstered by the company's recent acquisition of intelligence platform Rescue Forensics. Founded in 2008 by a military veteran, IST Research is privately funded and headquartered in Fredericksburg, VA. For more information visit or

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