HERZLIYA, ISRAEL--(Marketwired - Jun 22, 2017) - eyeSight Technologies, a leader in advanced embedded computer vision and machine learning, today announces the expansion of its smart sensing offering to home security camera manufacturers and smart home system developers. Using a combination of advanced embedded computer vision and deep learning modules, eyeSight's complex software can transform any simple Wi-Fi connected IP camera into a smart AI guard.

Adding AI to standard off-the-shelf home security cameras is a game changer in the home security/smart home space as camera manufacturers can now add intelligent-sensing capabilities to their existing standard security camera offering -- no expensive sensors or hardware changes are required.

eyeSight's computer vision technology was designed for a wide range of sensing applications, from active interactions such as touch-free gesture recognition, to passive sensing such as detection of user presence and their actions. Security cameras with eyeSight's software will have the following capabilities that add a layer of intelligent-safety and comfort to the home:

  • People detection and recognition: In addition to recognizing how many people are in the room at any given time, including their age and gender, homeowners can predefine members of the family and frequent home visitors (housekeepers, dog walkers, nannies etc.). Camera providers can create a system that allows homeowners to receive notifications to their smartphone if a person that is not recognized within the system enters the home, when a child leaves the home, etc. 
  • Gesture recognition: When in front of the camera, house members can use hand gestures (i.e. wave) to signal the camera. This capability can be used by the camera provider to enable recording and save a session separately, or serve as a notification tool to send a push notification to the homeowner to view the camera feed (i.e. nanny signaling the camera to show the parent something new that the child is doing).
  • Action recognition: This capability (available soon) will offer a unique layer of intelligence to the camera, enabling the camera provider to create notifications based on unusual actions detected such as someone falling, a child climbing on the counter, etc.

"Our state-of-the-art technology offers manufacturers and smart home providers an amazing upgrade to their products with a simple software update, moving them from providers of a standard security cameras to smart AI guards for the home," said Gideon Shmuel, CEO of eyeSight. "We have years of experience in this field, so we know how to deliver smart, intelligent sensing capabilities to even the simplest of cameras through our proprietary software solutions."

To learn more about eyeSight Technologies, visit www.eyesight-tech.com.

About eyeSight Technologies 
eyeSight is the leading provider of embedded computer vision and deep learning solutions, bringing user awareness and gesture recognition technologies to a variety of devices and industries. The company's technology improves daily life interactions with the home, the car, and other consumer electronics with simplified user interactions that are intelligent and personalized. eyeSight's technology was designed for a wide range of applications, from active interactions with gesture recognition and finger tracking, to passive user detection and face analysis, delivering customized experiences based on user features and actions. For more information, visit www.eyesight-tech.com.