NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwired - June 22, 2017) - Influenster, the leading product discovery and reviews platform, today announced the launch of The Real-Time Disclosure Monitor, the first automated tool to check for social media compliance to Federal Trade Commission (FTC) guidelines live. With this new solution, Influenster holds brands and content creators to the highest standards of disclosure in social influencer marketing.

Influenster created The Real-Time Disclosure Monitor to help its member community of socially-savvy micro-influencers to avoid any confusion and guessing game when it comes to understanding proper disclosure and respecting FTC guidelines. By automating the process of checking for a social media post's compliance, Influenster is taking away any ambiguity in the disclosure of its members' unpaid product reviews associated with brand campaigns.

"Influenster has always prioritized disclosure above everything else. We've made social compliance the bedrock from which all our brand campaigns stem from," said Emre Yenilmis, Chief Product Officer at Influenster. "With The Real-Time Disclosure Monitor, we are taking our disclosure efforts to the next level by making sure that our users and brands can partake in honest peer-to-peer recommendations."

The Real-Time Disclosure Monitor employs state-of-the-art technology to conduct live data capture of UGC (user-generated content) created as part of brand campaigns and offer compliance checks in real-time based on algorithms customized to the nature of each campaign. Machine learning is used to detect language sentiment in each social post and identify disclosure definitively. On top of this technology, Influenster has full-time staff support to manage the compliance of social posts generated by its members. The combination of scalable machine learning and human accuracy ensures Influenster's strategy for adherence to proper disclosure.

Whenever The Real-Time Disclosure Monitor programmatically identifies non-compliant posts, members are notified that they are in violation of FTC guidelines and are advised to correct their social post. Influenster staff works hand in hand with the tool to communicate with the offenders and suspend repeat offenders from brand campaigns. In addition, members are suspended indefinitely from the platform if they don't disclose after numerous warnings. This rigorous process that Influenster has instilled gives brands the confidence to run their campaigns successfully and gives content creators the safe space to be able to generate authentic and ethical content.

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