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Honduras June 23rd, 2017 In Honduras, the country’s population grows at a rate of 2.4% per year, in which a great percentage of the children’s are born in poor households constituted by large number of families members and in the majority of cases run by single mothers with low or no education level. An average of 120 deliveries per day are recorded in the two main public health centers in Tegucigalpa, the capital city of Honduras. With this alarming data regarding the birth of newborns in homes in extreme poverty, The Chito and Nena Kafie Foundation decided to implement the project called "La Cajita de Nena" in order to provide mothers all the necessary supplies for their newborns. The project was inspired by Finlands successful maternity box program where the government provides maternity packages to new mothers for the past 75 years.


How this great project was born?


Luis Kafie an active member and one of the founders of the foundation is the honorary consul of Finland. He recommended Finlands project to be replicated in Honduras. In Finland, each new mother - regardless of her social-economic status - receives a maternity box from the government which contains all the necessary items needed for newborn care such as: baby clothes, diapers, bath products, as well as a small mattress, which is placed on the bottom of the box creating the baby's first bed. It is proven that this project has helped Finland to obtain one of the lowest infant mortality rates in the world, increased prenatal care and has become an important part of their culture.  And that’s how “La Cajita de Nena” was born.


What is “La Cajita de Nena”?


“La Cajita de Nena” is the name of the program that donates 100 maternity boxes once a month to one of the main public health centers in Tegucigalpa that seeks to provide new mothers with basic supplies for the care of their newborn babies. We chose the name of the project to honor Elena Kafie "Nena", which the foundation was named after, who faithfully believed that "babies bring us a little piece of heaven to the Earth." We hope to replicate this project in other public health centers by seeking international donations or alliances with non-governmental institutions. For more information how you can help please contact us through our website



How many beneficiaries will be impact by the donation of “La Cajita de Nena”?


This year the project will benefit approximately 500 mothers who choose the San Felipe Hospital, which will be receiving a natal box that can be used as a crib for the newborn baby, and inside mattress, a pack of diapers, wet towels, a cozy blanket, bath towel, socks, cozy baby hat, hypoallergenic soap and for the mother: a toothbrush and a pack of pads.


If you are interested in supporting the cause and program, contact us at Chito y Nena Foundation: contactanos@chitoynena.org



About the Chito and Nena Kafie Foundation: The entrepreneurs Schucry, Luis and Eduardo Kafie in honor of their parents initiated in the year of 2006 the Chito and Nena Kafie Foundation, with the objective of continuing the humanitarian work their parents initiated and supporting the community mainly in the rescue of social values.







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