Lucio Marketing Raising The Bar

McAllen, TX, June 26, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- It has been a little over a year since we last checked in with Lucio Marketing Inc., since then, there has been nothing but success. President Juan Lucio, has achieved the goals he set a year ago for his company. It was no surprise that the company established in early 2014 has grown to oversee national campaigns throughout the South Texas region and beyond. The people who make up Lucio Marketing focus on a business model of two core foundations; in-store marketing program and an entry-level management-training program. Lucio Marketing consistently delivers above and beyond for their clients, growing as a business, and building their client base in the Rio Grande Valley. 

With this type of mentality Lucio Marketing has evolved their team in McAllen, TX to be one of the top three marketing teams in the nation. As well as be a part of an organization that has grown from only 115 retail stores to 458 retail stores in just the past year. There is no doubt that the Fortune 500 client’s wants to provide enormous opportunity for Lucio Marketing.

When asked how it feels to put the Rio Grande Valley on the map, Juan said, "There is a lot of talent in the Rio Grande Valley, individuals with a student mentality and the hunger for more is what built this company. What we do is teach, train, and mentor the individuals and provide them an opportunity to lead and develop others to further the growth of themselves and the organization as a whole. They are the reason for our success, and they should feel proud."

The foreseeing mission for Lucio Marketing will be more campaigns, which means expansion is need for more managers and strong entry-level representatives. Lucio Marketing wants to continue to help the Rio Grande Valley job market grow and providing an award-winning management training program to those interested in the business industry.

As business continues to boom, Juan and his management team continue to receive national recognition. In 2015, upon receiving an invitation to the annual business meeting and award ceremony held at the Atlantis Resort in Nassau, Bahamas, Lucio Marketing was credited for clinching the # 1 spot as a top producing company for two different national campaigns. This year so far, Lucio Marketing continues to travel around the nation to network with the top people in the nation and learn important skills from our National Consultants by giving the strong employees the opportunity to learn through business trips allows the company to consistently deliver company goals and build stronger representatives and business partners.

Their recent trip to Dallas, TX for the Regional Leaders Conference constituted of a few different subjects, the main focus being Team Identity and the mentality of entrepreneurship. When we asked Assistant Director Jesus Garcia, what he learned from the conference, “If I had to select one overall subject it would be, how to prepare myself to manage a success business, it was definitely a great experience.” Lucio Marketing again was recognized for their achievements and proud to say that The Diamond Award was given to their very own Director; Juan Lucio, for being an honored speaker in multiple national conferences. Their Assistant Director; Jesus Garcia also received recognition with an official Assistant Director Award.

Lucio Marketing prides themselves for creating a competitive, fun and encouraging environment. "The future is bright" Juan says, and by the success Lucio Marketing has achieved thus far, the Rio Grande Valley and the nation is witnessing that the opportunity is real!

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