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GuideSpark Launches New Employee Communication Product

GuideSpark Communicate Cloud Provides Foundation for Strengthening the Employer-Employee Connection

REDWOOD CITY, CA--(Marketwired - Jun 26, 2017) - GuideSpark, the leader in employee communication, today announced details of its newest product: GuideSpark® Communicate Cloud. Designed to drive HR plan participation and program adoption, GuideSpark Communicate Cloud is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution that combines cutting-edge technology with consumer-grade content experiences. With GuideSpark Communicate Cloud, organizations gain the content, tools and resources needed to deploy engaging employee communication campaigns across multiple channels for maximum effectiveness and ROI on workforce program investments.

"One critical area of HR that has been somewhat overlooked is the need for ongoing employee communication. Every major change, strategy, and initiative requires a comprehensive strategy for employee communication and there have been few tools designed for this process," said Josh Bersin, Principal and Founder, Bersin by Deloitte. "Tools like GuideSpark have the potential to reach employees on a regular ongoing basis, just as we communicate with customers."

In recent years, much has changed in the workplace; yet, employee communication has remained relegated to sporadic e-mails, town hall meetings and postal mailings. A study conducted in March 2017 by IDG underscores that better workplace communication correlates positively to job satisfaction and increased employee retention. By putting employees at the center of the conversation, GuideSpark Communicate Cloud builds upon the company's significant expertise in serving the communications requirements of more than 600 employers. As a result, the investments made in HR programs -- including benefits, compensation, and performance management -- move from undeterminable to measurable, and from 'one and done' to persuasive and inclusive.

Kristin Yetto, Chief People Officer at eBay said, "Today's workforce tunes out traditional communications, which means that new programs risk failure, and there's no ROI on the millions invested in benefits and other HR programs and systems. GuideSpark Communicate Cloud captures employee attention, drives engagement, and activates the employer value proposition."

To ensure employee engagement and drive participation, GuideSpark Communicate Cloud features three main components: multi-format content, multi-channel, time-based campaigns, and analytics. Captivating content experiences are delivered through a library of modular assets such as videos, dynamic landing pages, clear calls-to-action, text messages, downloadable checklists, and infographics, tailored to the client company's brand and specific HR programs to provide a consumer-grade employee experience.

GuideSpark Communicate Cloud's campaign management functionality features the ability to easily manage and deploy employee communications over time and across channels to reach diverse employee groups. Simultaneous campaigns can be previewed, edited, and scheduled with the touch of a button, addressing different requirements as needed. From the product's campaign dashboard, communications can be easily managed, giving HR teams unprecedented, centralized control similar to that available in the solutions used by their marketing colleagues.

Robust analytics measure campaign performance, content engagement, and opportunities for adjustments. Message-related metrics highlight which messages are resonating with employees and which need to be fine-tuned. The channels that are most and least effective can be ascertained during a campaign rather than in hindsight, and employee segment metrics enable comparison and improved targeting. Key activity metrics track views and clicks within the employee experience.

GuideSpark's CEO, Keith Kitani commented, "There have been many exciting technology-driven innovations in recent years, especially in mobile. Yet one of the most important -- how companies communicate important information to their employees -- has failed to keep pace with the needs of today's workforce. Today's employees expect the same rich experiences and channel preferences they find in their personal lives, which is why GuideSpark Communicate Cloud is so effective."

GuideSpark Communicate Cloud is available now. Details are available at

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