Tsing Capital's "The Road to Sustainability" White Paper Calls for Disruptive Innovation

China's first sustaintech fund management company unveils its investment strategy and recent US investments

MENLO PARK, CA and BEIJING, CHINA--(Marketwired - Jun 26, 2017) - Tsing Capital, China's first sustaintech fund management company, has released their highly anticipated white paper, "The Road to Sustainability," which provides an insightful analysis of the progression from envirotech to cleantech to sustaintech, the latest environmental and investment practices that support cleaner and better ways of producing and living. The promise of sustainability depends on disruptive innovation -- innovation that does not only come from traditional cleantech sectors, but also from technologies like the Internet of Things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence.

Sustaintech, short for sustainable technologies, are technologies which provide environmental and social value and help advance a better future for humanity. These innovative technologies as well as business models are leveraging intelligent technologies and have a high degree of internet-integration to reduce environmental impact, and enhance efficiency and resource productivity.

The paper reports that -- despite a drop in cleantech investments in the past -- sustainability investments today are soaring. The paper references companies like Lucid Motors, an electric vehicle company as an example of an integration of cleantech and smartech. It also references SENSORO, a leading Chinese IoT solution provider, Vion Tech, a smart camera and visual recognition technology developer, as well as Wibotic, a wireless charging solutions provider, as examples of disruptive technologies that, while outside of the typical cleantech bubble, have tremendous applications in sustainability industry and thus represent huge steps towards a greener future.

Tsing Capital believes the sustainability industry is at an inflexion point and its best years are ahead. With this in mind, the company has tailored its global investment strategy to focus on a wide range of disruptive technologies. Its China Environment Fund (CEF) series invest in growth-stage sustaintech companies globally. Its Smart Innovation Fund (STIF) invests in early-stage smart technologies in US, Israel and China. In addition to Lucid Motors and Wibotic, recent US investments include Rayvio, Metamason, Insyte, Bluesmart, and Ambiq Micro.

The white paper leverages Tsing's deep environmental insights and third party research to inform investors, executives, policy makers and technology stakeholders of the diverse types of current and emerging technologies and the impact these have on the road to sustainability.

Key insights from "The Road to Sustainability" white paper include:

  • World facing pressing environmental challenges: CO2 emissions increased 50% between 1990 and 2013, 1.3 billion people live on ecologically fragile land, and water scarcity affects more than 50% of the world.

  • Government and businesses are united to combat climate change issues: Global investment in clean energy reached $329 billion in 2015. Government and business Initiatives include the Paris Agreement, Mission Innovation, and Breakthrough Energy Coalition.

  • China emphasizes sustainable development and innovation: Government has enacted numerous policies favoring innovation and has set ambitious targets for sustainability industries from 2016 - 2020. Targets include Solar from 35GW to 200GW, Wind from 100GW to 280GW and EV from 500k to 5M.

  • Sustainability -- where are we at? The industry has evolved over the past 17 years from envirotech (waste management, water treatment, etc.) to cleantech (power storage, LEDs, semiconductors etc.) and now sustaintech (sustainable mobility, energy internet, smart homes, etc.).

  • Road to sustainability calls for disruptive innovation: Two technology mega-trends are re-shaping sustainability around the world. IoT: 20.8 billion "connected things" will be in use worldwide by 2020. AI: Adoption and use of AI over the next decade ranges from 1.49 - 2.95 trillion. Six technologies alongside these mega-trends are the key sustainability disruptors: sensors, machine learning, AR/VR, Blockchain, 3D printing, and advanced materials.

  • Early adopters of Sustaintech investment: Sustainable mobility is one of the early examples of sustaintech in use. The car of the future will be electric, connected, autonomous and shared.

"While solutions hailed from the cleantech industries have brought us this far, it is integrated solutions with both cleantech and smartech that will accelerate our march towards sustainability," said Don Ye, Tsing Capital's founder and managing partner. "Throughout Tsing Capital's 17 years' history, we have dedicated ourselves to making investments that follow the evolution of the sustainability industry. Emerging companies enabled by intelligent technologies like IoT, AI, robotics, AR/VR are unlocking enormous sustainability potential and creating a better future for humanity."

The white paper (full access here) and accompanying Infographic, provides further trends and insights into investments and our future on the road to sustainability.

About Tsing Capital
Founded in 2000 on the philosophy of "Doing Well by Doing Good©," Tsing Capital is China's first fund management company dedicated to multi-disciplinary sustainable technology investing in China and globally. Tsing Capital has deep domain expertise across environment, clean and efficient energy, new materials and intelligent technologies across broad industries with emphasis on advanced manufacturing, sustainable mobility, sustainable agriculture, and future cities. Tsing Capital is also a leader in impact investment in China. It champions the "Triple Bottom Line" investment practice, seeking financial, social and environmental values in its investments. Tsing Capital was founded by Don Ye, recognized as the "elder statesman" of Chinese cleantech venture-capital investing, and led by executives with extensive entrepreneurial, operational and cross-border expertise globally.

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This Infographic captures key highlights from Tsing Capital's 2017 Sustaintech White Paper,
The Road to Sustainability.