YPCloud Brings MoteMsg Cloud Platform to the World

Songshan District Taipei, TAIWAN, PROVINCE OF CHINA

Taipei, Taiwan, June 27, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- YPCloud MoteMsg is deemed to be the most distinguished PaaS provider in Taiwan.  Amazon AWS, Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft Azure and IBM Bluemix are considered world famous in terms of PaaS suppliers. MoteMsg Cloud Platform focuses majorly in private and hybrid cloud for enterprises and service providers. YPCloud was invited by the Industrial Development Bureau, Ministry of Economic Affairs and Taipei Computer Association(TCA) to participate in the Taiwan Cloud Expo pavilion for the 2017 Computex Taipei. It has attracted attention from numerous potential customers all over the world during the exhibition.

MoteBus is the pivotal technique of MoteMsg. MoteBus is a Message Transport Bus for mote, to integrate between IoT and Cloud, and Multi-Cloud Service platform. Currently, all cloud communications are based on HTTP RESTful, which is inefficient and insecure as well for communication, especially for IoT. Nevertheless, MoteOS is an operating system for IoT appliances, which is built in MoteBus for the entire system communication to boost up 100 times DevOps efficiency. What’s more, MoteBus applications can be developed by Node.js, Python, C++ …and etc.

YPCloud led ANY Alliance to participate in Computex Taipei 2017; To brief, ANY is a channel brand of IoT era. Moreover, there are several companies in ANY Alliance, such as "LILIN"―the world leading IP Cam manufacturer, "Starconn Co.," and "TgM Co.,". YPCloud and ANY Alliance launched Smart space solution through the integration of the software and the hardware during Computex 2017.

Visitors, most of them are distributors and system integrators, came from Australia and Korea; channel firms are from Japan, and telecom operators are from Iran and India; YPCloud met diverse overseas clients who showed great interest in business cooperation during the exhibition. YPCloud dedicated to being the paragon of cloud service integration for the exporting of Taiwan.

Internet of Things(IoT) is a significant issue to multiple industries in the near future; when it comes to revolution, though it may be challenging, there are huge innovation opportunities simultaneously. YPCloud brings in MoteMsg Cloud Platform to the world, which enables device cloud to transform into service device more efficiently.

About YPCloud Inc.

YPCloud Inc., established in 2005, has accumulated 12-year experience in SIP communication service field. YPCloud is the major cloud service provider in Taiwan which has both MoteMsg cloud platform technology and DevOps experience. YPCloud won the first title in Computex 2015 in Taiwan Cloud Expo. section with the solid cloud services. 


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