Dublin, Ohio, June 27, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Safeware, a leading provider of product protection and extended warranty solutions, works with over eight hundred colleges and universities, as well as millions of technology users nationwide. Earlier this month, the company launched an all-new Trade-Up Program for its partners and customers. 

The retail focused Trade-Up program, launched in collaboration the nation’s top trade-in administrators, expands the customer's purchasing power for new laptops, tablets and smartphones by lowering their out of pocket expense when they trade-in used devices. Consumers are able to get the devices they need and want much more affordably.

This program will allow customers to return to the retailer from which their device was purchased in order to trade it in and receive a store credit. These credits can be used for new technology, accessories, or Safeware Protection Plans. Unlike other programs, Safeware’s unique Trade-Up offering allows customers to receive trade-in value as long as the device turns on and has a working display.

"Safeware takes pride in our reputation as a complete provider of protection solutions for our customers," says Safeware's Chief Executive Officer, Bryan Schutjer. "With the launch of our new Trade-Up Program, we are now adding one more way in which we can support our customers and partners and help protect their technology." 

Safeware wanted to ensure that the program offered consistent trade-in value while helping the retailer build their ongoing relationship with customers. In addition, the program boasts environmental responsibility, an easy-to-use custom portal, and the ability for customers to trade nearly every device brand. Now, Safeware’s campus stores and technology retailers can receive hands-on training for the program and are immediately able to begin offering this unique value-add to customers. 

On average, customers seek to upgrade their smartphones after two years, MacBooks after three years, and laptops after four years. According to a recent survey of sales by Safeware’s campus store partners, technology stores for medium and large college campuses may see up to 1,400 trade-ups per year based off of their own device sales. Ultimately, this proves that the Trade-Up Program will offer a unique value-add for both consumers and retailers.

About Safeware

Having pioneered the technology insurance industry in 1982, Safeware is now one of the most recognized names in product protection. Safeware's innovative approach to insurance and extended warranty solutions has propelled the company into multiple industries including education, corporate technology, fitness, furniture and appliances.

By helping partners to customize coverage based on their unique needs, Safeware provides best-in-class programs allowing customers to own their products with confidence.

Learn more about Safeware online at www.safeware.com or by calling 1.800.800.1492.


A photo accompanying this announcement is available at http://www.globenewswire.com/NewsRoom/AttachmentNg/f93d81e9-33b9-45f6-a4d8-c76f129650e1


A photo accompanying this announcement is available at http://www.globenewswire.com/NewsRoom/AttachmentNg/a39670af-8f38-45ba-bad7-07e7e4e4e635

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