SAN FRANCISCO, June 28, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Codility, the worldwide leader in tech recruiting assessments, today announced it surpassed four million candidate assessments to become the most widely used platform helping companies evaluate and hire the best tech talent. Codility’s Tech Recruiting Platform simplifies the way recruiters, hiring managers, and development teams objectively, accurately and confidently assess the skills of engineering candidates.

“Throughout our journey, we’ve learned an immense amount about how challenging tech hiring can be. Often development teams would have sacrificed development cycles to focus on recruiting, or relied on non-technical people to assess programmers,” said Greg Jakacki, Founder and CEO of Codility. “We initially created Codility because it solved a professional problem I faced when looking to quickly expand an engineering team at a growing development shop over a decade ago. Ten years later, our mission remains the same: enable companies to find and hire the best coder for the job, faster.”

Codility’s platform utilizes an intuitive, straightforward interface, enabling even non-technical users to effectively assess candidates and efficiently close tech talent gaps. Core benefits of Codility’s Tech Recruiting Platform include: 

Objective Assessment to Identify Top Candidates

  • Thorough skills-based assessments that help companies eliminate hiring bias and ensure the best candidate for in-person interviews.
  • Assessment options can include a variety of tasks focused on essential programming skills, with a range of difficulties and extensive language options.

Insightful Processes That Save Time and Resources

  • Codility automates the pre-qualification process saving time for internal tech resources and expediting the recruiting process.
  • Anyone involved in hiring programmers – from lead engineers to non-technical recruiters – can use Codility to create custom assessments that swiftly and accurately evaluate if candidates can write correct and scaleable code.
  • Codility’s advanced similarity detection warns recruiters about uncredited copies of code fragments in a candidate’s solution. To further ensure original responses to Codility tasks, the company recently launched a Variant Task option that effectively builds a dedicated, unique programming task for each candidate.

Intuitive Experience to Inform Confident Recommendations

  • Codility is a simple way for recruiters, hiring managers and development teams to confidently assess the skills of tech candidates.
  • Its collaborative approach helps fill the information gap between HR and engineering departments with tools they can all use to gain insights on candidate skillsets.
  • For candidates, Codility’s meritocratic assessments empowers them to show off their best skills in the language they are most comfortable using.
  • Instant feedback makes the decision process transparent – all resulting in increased candidate confidence and goodwill toward their potential employer.

As the demand for skilled tech workers skyrockets and competition for talent is fierce, data shows finding qualified candidates will continue to be a challenge. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, by 2020 there will be 1.4 million more software development jobs in the US than applicants qualified to fill them. Concurrently, the popularity of coding bootcamps continues to add people with non-traditional educations to the candidate pool. The increasing need to fill tech roles with candidates whose skillsets are potentially widely variable makes an objective way to quickly assess tech talent essential.

“Codility gets us through the vetting process faster and helps us determine whether to move forward with someone at each stage in the recruiting process. We can get a better sense of a candidate’s capabilities through real-life examples,” said Beth Sallomi, Global Talent Operations Leader at Fandom.

In addition to the assessment engine that automatically scores tests and identifies strong candidates, Codility adds even more value for recruiters and hiring managers by revealing insights about the candidate’s thought process.

“Codility gives us an opportunity to understand how candidates operate and how they approach problem solving,” Sallomi continued.

“As Codility grows and anticipates reaching five million assessments and beyond, we will continue to develop ways to make the hiring process more merit-based, less time intensive, and more engaging for both candidates and companies,” concluded Jakacki.

About Codility:
Codility is the leading Tech Recruiting Platform. The Codility Platform helps businesses efficiently assess and rank technical candidates and identify the most promising hires. The Platform includes hundreds of coding tasks, featuring multiple languages and coding scenarios with varying levels of difficulty. Customers including Broad Institute, Citi, DRW, Electronic Arts, Fandom, GE, Grant Street Group, IMC Financial Markets, Indeed, Intel, Kforce, Kik, LiveRamp, SurveyMonkey, Tesla, Uptake and Virtu Financial use Codility to evaluate candidates and efficiently hire programmers. Since its inception in 2009, Codility has completed over 4 million assessments worldwide, in industries spanning consumer technology to financial services. For more information, visit