HOUSTON, TX--(Marketwired - Jun 28, 2017) - Dewmar International BMC, Inc. (OTC PINK: DEWM), a diversified brand management and operating company that conducts business across variegated industry sectors, announced today the retirement of over 100 million outstanding shares of common stock.

After a series of discussions with a number of longstanding shareholders of Dewmar stock, the company successfully negotiated through a series of private transactions the retirement of these shares on June 27, 2017. This action will improve the capital structure of the Company and overall shareholder value.

CEO Dr. Marco Moran stated, "The return of these shares to the treasury instantly adds value to our shareholders and demonstrates our commitment to our loyal shareholder base while maintaining a strong and healthy capital structure. Furthermore, the definitive retirement of these significant amount of shares shall be reflected on Dewmar's upcoming quarterly report and it will cause a retroactive improvement of the Q1 2017 financials," Dr. Moran continued.

This was the first of multiple attempts that Dewmar will be actively pursuing to retire outstanding shares and to tighten up the float as much as possible. For investors who have followed Dewmar since Q1 2014, they may recall that this stock PPS soared to 3.3 cents, trading over 5.6 billion shares within that narrow period. "Back then, our only revenue source was from beverage sales; since then, we have generated close to $10 million in revenue from healthcare and numerous other product sales; our revenue portfolio is extremely synergistically diverse, plus we have started doing serious business with the world renowned Willie Robertson," Dr. Moran exclaimed with a sheepishly boyish grin.

The point that Dr. Moran is trying to make is that the float is basically the same today as it was then, but the Company is now self-sustainable, has no toxic financing and has no debt tied to harmful outlays of stock compensation. The Company's executives expect a significant growth curve for not just the remainder of this year but for years to come. Additionally, the Company is targeting another 400 Million shares for return to the Company's treasury, which is the variance between the O/S GAAP vs. O/S Shares Non-GAAP that appears in the Company's most recent Annual Report.

The company's Board of Directors approved the retirement transaction this morning after receiving written confirmations on yesterday from the involved shareholders. Furthermore, the Board wants its existing and future shareholder base to take notice of the following key FACTS about the Company:

  •  In Q1 2014, over 5.6 Billion shares traded above 1 cent reaching a high of 3.3 cents.
  • The company has basically the same float today that it had in Q1, 2014 when the stock traded above 3 cents.
  • The company has had NO new convertible debt financing since 2013.
  • The company has positive cash flow and has self-funded operations since 2014.
  • The company has not issued any additional shares of stock for any capital fund raising since 2014.
  • As of March 31, 2017, the company has $3.8 million is assets on its balance sheet, not including its market cap.
  • Company leadership continues to show long-term interest in the success of the business:
    • The CEO has not taken any salary from the Company since 2015, even then it was not the full annual salary
    • The CEO has NEVER liquidated any of his controlling shares or Common Stock
    • No executive salary compensation shall exceed $25,000 until specific Company goals are met

About Dewmar International BMC, Inc.
Dewmar International BMC, Inc. is a Veteran-owned, new product development, manufacturing and brand management company. Established in 2003, Dewmar's primary business strategy has been in creating high profit margins with functional foods and beverages, as well as introducing new simple yet meaningful innovations to markets of great demand. The Company's flagship product, Lean Slow Motion Potion, has the longest history of any relaxation beverage carried by Walmart stores. The company has offices in Clinton, MS; Houston, TX: Denver, CO and New Orleans, LA.

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