SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwired - Jun 28, 2017) -  Flashtalking, the leading global independent platform for ad delivery, dynamic creative and data analytics, and Sharethrough, the industry's leading native supply side platform, announced a new partnership today to power the industry's first dynamic creative optimization (DCO) solution for native advertising.

Dynamic creative optimization (DCO) enables an advertiser to personalize the creative for a user based on a range of individual factors: location, gender, audience profile, time of day, browsing behavior, trending products, media consumption and even local weather. The partnership between Flashtalking and Sharethrough gains momentum from the new native OpenRTB Native extension 1.2, which allows advertisers to incorporate DCO into how they transact their native ads, personalizing all creative elements within the ad unit.

Flashtalking and Sharethrough's Native DCO solution is in beta with a handful of clients and they're currently accepting new pilot partners. 

How it Works
For this integration, Flashtalking has created the ability for advertisers to upload variations of different components of a native ad via the user interface. The system then passes a DCO tag through a DSP and into the Sharethrough Exchange, where Sharethrough's supply side platform will call back to Flashtalking when its client's ad is the winning bid.

"The Flashtalking team is excited to extend our core capabilities of creating, activating and measuring data-driven creative within native environments," said Andy Pocock, SVP Strategic Business Development, Flashtalking. "Native ad personalization sounds like a paradox. But, we believe relevancy across all touch points drives conversion. As consumers multitask on myriad devices, it's important that advertisers are positioned to achieve personalization within native environments. This partnership delivers on that performance imperative."

"The ability to utilize DCO in native advertising campaigns, brings a powerful and highly complementary new tactic into the native space, enabling brands to tailor each component of the native ad to the individual user and get the most amount of impact from every impression," said Dan Greenberg, Sharethrough founder and CEO. "Flashtalking is one of the pioneers of DCO technology and we're incredibly excited to be the first to bring this technology, which has been popular for a long time with traditional digital advertisers, to the native space."

About Flashtalking
Flashtalking equips advertisers and their agencies to create, activate and measure data-driven advertising across digital channels and formats. Our programmatic creative and analytics platform unifies audience, media and creative to deliver personalized messaging while optimizing performance of media and creative. With cookie-less tracking, connected log-file and algorithmic attribution, we can coordinate, augment and analyze data signals to support our clients at the crossroads where data, relevant creative, and unbiased measurement intersect with expertise, service and a deep partner ecosystem.

Born in the U.K., headquartered in New York, Flashtalking spans the globe with offices in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago, London, Leeds, Cologne, Hamburg, Amsterdam, and Sydney. For more information visit

About Sharethrough

Founded in 2008, Sharethrough is the leading global native advertising platform, helping publishers maximize revenue and brands earn meaningful attention by powering ads that fit into -- rather than interrupt -- the audience experience. Sharethrough's flagship product, Sharethrough for Publishers (SFP), is a native advertising Supply Side Platform used by the world's largest publishers to power their complete monetization strategy for in-feed native ad inventory across mobile, tablet and desktop. Sharethrough is headquartered in San Francisco, with offices in New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Austin, Detroit, London, Tokyo and Toronto.

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