PALO ALTO, CA--(Marketwired - June 29, 2017) - Cask (, a company that makes building and deploying big data solutions easy, today announced the introduction of the Cask Data Application Platform (CDAP) Cloud Sandbox for Amazon Web Services (AWS). The Cloud Sandbox is a fully configured, fully functional but scale-limited single-node instance of Cask's flagship offering, available immediately on AWS Marketplace. Because the CDAP Cloud Sandbox does not require users to set up a Hadoop cluster first, it simplifies the evaluation process and allows users to get productive quickly with CDAP, running on the cloud provider of their choice.

"It is no secret that the path to extracting value from big data investments has been a long and rocky one for many companies," said Jonathan Gray, founder and CEO at Cask. "Onboarding even skilled engineers new to Hadoop, setting up a proper distributed computing environment, and dealing with the integration of multiple big data technologies and tools have taken a big toll on the pace with which users ramp up their big data projects. With the new Cloud Sandbox, CDAP users can be productive developing big data solutions within minutes rather than being concerned about installation and configuration questions."

Functionally equivalent to the CDAP Local Sandbox, which is a single-process instance of CDAP designed to run on a user's desktop or laptop, the CDAP Cloud Sandbox provides a complete and fully configured CDAP environment that allows users to be productive immediately. It includes the CDAP SDK, the runtime, the CDAP UI, the CDAP CLI, as well as tools and examples. Once the user is ready to deploy to production, work completed in the sandbox can be easily moved to a distributed CDAP environment, such as to Amazon EMR. The CDAP Cloud Sandbox is available running the latest version of CDAP, version 4.2.

Introduced earlier this month, CDAP 4.2 accelerates big data productivity by providing a simplified user experience for users with existing data, and a new self-service data preparation and ingestion workflow. Now supporting Spark 2.x, CDAP 4.2 simplifies the reuse of existing Spark code for operationalizing new applications, and continues to offer new packaged big data solutions as part of its Cask Market 'Big Data App Store', including Change Data Capture (CDC) for data warehouse workloads.

"AWS offers easy discovery and a simplified provisioning experience for innovative third-party solutions on AWS Marketplace," said Barry Russell, GM, Global Business Development, AWS Marketplace and Catalog Services, Amazon Web Services. "We welcome the addition of Cask to AWS Marketplace. The CDAP Cloud Sandbox provides an easy and fast path for cloud customers to evaluate and test CDAP for their most demanding big data projects, and makes it easy to scale their Sandbox work on a production Hadoop or Spark EMR cluster when they are ready."

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CDAP 4.2 is immediately available for download on the Cask website. The CDAP Cloud Sandbox for AWS can be accessed on AWS Marketplace here.

About CDAP
The first unified integration platform for big data, Cask Data Application Platform (CDAP) lets developers, architects and data scientists focus on applications and insights rather than infrastructure and integration. CDAP, which is 100% open source, accelerates time to value from Hadoop through standardized APIs, configurable templates and visual interfaces. With a radically simplified developer experience and a code-free self-service environment, CDAP enables enterprise IT to broaden the big data user base and seamlessly integrates with existing MDM, BI and security and governance solutions.

About Cask
Cask makes building and running big data solutions on-premises or in the cloud easy with Cask Data Application Platform (CDAP), the first unified integration platform for big data. CDAP reduces the time to production for data lakes and data applications, empowering the business to make better decisions faster. For more information, visit the Cask website at and follow @caskdata.

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