SINGAPORE, July 05, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- AdroitLogic, the company that allows enterprises to connect applications, systems and partners with high performance capabilities, today announced the publication of the results of Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) Performance Benchmarking Round X-01, comparing its revamped UltraESB-X release, against two competitive ESBs from leading vendors.

The latest benchmark, undertaken as a continuation to the previous seven rounds of benchmarking dating back to June 2007, was conducted on a performance-tuned Amazon EC2 c3.xlarge instance. Configurations for each of the ESBs tested, have been composed by AdroitLogic, based on public reference materials, with the primary focus being the provision of identical and optimized runtime conditions.

Direct Proxy, Content Based Routing (CBR), Header Based Routing (HBR) and XSLT Transformation scenarios were tested over the HTTP transport, against concurrent user counts ranging from 20 to 640, and payload sizes varying from 1KB to 100KB. For each scenario, successful responses, failures and transactions per second (TPS) were measured.

The performance analysis was based on throughput (TPS), which is one of the most widely used metrics in performance-intensive environments. Summarized TPS values for each scenario across all concurrency levels and payload sizes, averaged across three iterations, were found to display consistent results. The analysis revealed that UltraESB-X outperformed the other ESBs across all test scenarios, except for the XSLT transformation. In the latter scenario, another ESB performed slightly better for small payloads, while the UltraESB-X regained the domination as the payload size exceeded 10KB.

From the correctness and stability perspective, throughout the 5,760,000 requests handled by each ESB over all iterations, UltraESB-X and one other ESB displayed high stability with no failures or errors, while the remaining resulted in just six errors in total.

Detailed results of the benchmark have been published at

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