LAS VEGAS, NV--(Marketwired - Jul 6, 2017) - X Rail Entertainment, Inc. (OTC PINK: XREE) announces an extension to the process for shareholders to exchange Las Vegas Railway Express (OTC PINK: XTRN) shares.

Pursuant to the stock exchange announcement between Las Vegas Railway Express, Inc. and X Rail Entertainment, Inc., XREE has agreed to provide an extension for XTRN shareholders to exchange their shares. XREE has made the appropriate filings to FINRA of the exchange and we are now giving those shareholders in XTRN an extra 30 days to complete the exchange through their brokers.

Inquiries regarding  XREE should come to:
Joesph Cosio-Barron
President/Compliance Officer
X Rail Entertainment, Inc.
9480 S. Eastern Ave.
Suite 205
Las Vegas, Nevada 89123
(702) 583-6698

Inquiries regarding  XTRN should come to:
CEO Wayne Bailey
(801) 558-9646

For XTRN shareholders who do not wish to exchange their shares for shares in XREE: Simply do nothing. You may keep the XTRN shares you have.

NOTE: All shares exchanged for XREE shares will contain a restrictive legend whether freely trading or not, so if you exchange freely trading XTRN shares for XREE shares, the XREE shares will have a restrictive legend.

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Ms. Maria Bailey
(702) 271-0591