Precision Health Company Newtopia Announces Industry-Leading Participant Outcomes from First Commercial Year in Operation

Year One Results from Commercial Launch to Employers Consistent with Company’s Multi-Year Randomized Control Trial; Validate Newtopia’s Hyper-Personalized Approach to Delivering Industry-Leading Participant Engagement, Health Benefits and Cost Savings

NEW YORK, July 12, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Newtopia, a leading precision health company that utilizes genetic testing, behavior science, and smart technology to build hyper-personalized disease prevention experiences, today revealed that outcomes from the company’s first year of commercial operation are consistent with significant results from year one of the company’s three-year randomized control trial, which was published in the peer-reviewed Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine (JOEM) in December 2015. 

Data from Newtopia’s multi-year randomized control trial and employer participants reinforce the effectiveness of the company’s precision health program in helping at-risk employees stay engaged in their journey to develop sustainable lifestyle changes while losing meaningful body weight, helping reverse the onset of metabolic syndrome, and reducing healthcare costs.

“The positive results our commercial customers enjoyed are in keeping with the success of our randomized control trial participants and, in fact, represent some of the best engagement, risk reduction and cost savings outcomes delivered to date for individuals with multiple risk factors for obesity, type 2 diabetes, heart disease and stroke,” said Jeff Ruby, founder and CEO of Newtopia. “This collective data underscores the power of Newtopia’s precision health approach in helping companies find a swift and successful method to help their at-risk employees reduce their likelihood of developing costly and life-threatening chronic conditions. We have proven that by focusing on at-risk individuals and engaging them in a highly personalized way, versus the standard one-size-fits-all curriculum of other programs, employers and payers can achieve significant costs savings in the very first year, experience industry-leading engagement and risk reduction, and deliver an in-year return on investment.”

Newtopia’s Three-Year Randomized Control Trial (RCT) Funded by Aetna
The primary goal of the three-year RCT was to determine if participants in the Newtopia program would demonstrate reduced Metabolic Syndrome risk factors and healthcare costs when compared to a control group not invited to the program.  The results of the first of the three years were positive and revealed:

  • 50% of those enrolled remained engaged for 12 months, a significant improvement over the industry average of 10%.
  • Participants who lost weight on the program, lost on average 6% of their initial body weight, which is equivalent to 14lbs.
  • Average healthcare costs were reduced by $122 per participant per month vs the control group, for a total of $1,464 per participant per year versus a randomized control group. These savings are equivalent to a 2X return on investment in just the first year of the program.

“Results from our 2016 commercial customers are in line and, in some instances, superior to our RCT results across multiple industry verticals,” concluded Ruby. “We are extremely enthusiastic about ongoing successes our commercial customers will continue to achieve as they work to improve their health thanks to our unique, precision-based approach to disease prevention.”

About Newtopia
Newtopia is a precision health company leveraging genetic testing and the latest engagement science to inspire individuals to live healthier every day and reduce their risk of developing preventable chronic diseases. Newtopia's patented disease prevention platform combines genetic testing, personality-matched coaching with smart mobile technology to keep clients motivated and on track. Newtopia is partnering with insurers, employers and brands to offer disease prevention and management programs to risk-assessed individuals that deliver proven sustainable outcomes, quantifiable cost savings and a substantive ROI. Newtopia's programs and products are guideline and evidence-based and are available across the United States.


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