San Diego, July 14, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Swissray has cut a deal with R.O.S., leading provider of new and pre-owned medical equipment, including MRI Systems, used in hospitals and clinics around the world. 

Swissray's new SR Pulse 710 MRI system, manufactured in Solon, Ohio, is a wide-bore, budget-friendly alternative to mainstream MRI manufacturers. While there are hundreds of  similar magnets installed around the globe, this 71cm configuration is a relatively new machine in the U.S. market.

R.O.S will now include the Swissray large-bore MRI in its equipment offerings to its diagnostic imaging clients in the U.S.

Ryan Schock, VP of Imaging for R.O.S., commented "I am thrilled with the opportunity to be able to offer our customers a 1.5 Tesla, wide bore magnet that is both reliable and affordable. Historically, we have only sold pre-owned MRI equipment, and this will be the first time we can sell a brand-new machine as part of our portfolio of equipment offerings."

“The Swissray SR Pulse 710 MRI System is considered a workhorse machine, allowing high-quality 1.5 T images, with a wide board gantry to allow for large patients.” he added.

Daniel Rodriguez, Regional Sales Manager for Swissray, commented, "I am really happy to have R.O.S. as our partner in developing the market for the new Pulse MRI system. The U.S. has had a long-standing need for a budget-friendly wide bore MRI and we can now deliver it through R.O.S.'s extensive network of diagnostic imaging and radiation oncology clients.


The distribution agreement was finalized between John Monahan, CEO of Swissray, and John Vano, President of R.O.S., on June 28.



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