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Today, on July 17, commences the mandatory bid in respect of JSC “Latvijas kuģniecība” shares

JSC “Latvijas kuģniecība” hereby informs that today, on July 17, 2017, commences the mandatory bid expressed by Vitol Netherlands B.V. on the basis of resolution by Financial and Capital Market Commission of July 12, 2017.

Information about the repurchase bid:

1.    The respective company is JSC “Latvijas kuģniecība”, registration number: 40003021108, legal address: Elizabetes 1, Riga, LV-1010, phone: +371 67020111, fax: +371 67828106, e-mail:, web:

2.    Offeror: Vitol Netherlands B.V. (Offerer), a company established under Dutch law and 01.10.1999. registered in the Netherlands Company register, registration number: 24296371, registered address: K.P. Van der Mandelelaan 130, 3062MB Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

As of the day of prospectus the offeror Vitol Netherlands B.V. owns 141 489 336 (70,75%) of JSC “Latvijas kuģniecība” shares.

3.    The price of one share in prospectus is set at: EUR 0.71. 

4.    The period of mandatory bid is 30 days commencing on July 17, 2017 (until August 15, 2017, inclusive).

Please find prospectus of repurchase bid for JSC “Latvijas kuģniecība” attached.

About JSCLatvijas kuģniecība

JSC “Latvijas kuģniecība” (Nasdaq Riga: LSC1R) is vessel owner in the segment of medium and handy size tankers. The company owns 16 modern vessels employing more than 1300 professional and high-skilled seamen from Latvia. Besides, LSC subsidiary “LSC Ship management” Ltd is technically serving 9 more vessels, thus managing a fleet of 25 vessels. The average age of the LSC fleet is 9 years. All of the vessels have received ISM (International Safety Management) certificates.

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