MIAMI, FL--(Marketwired - Jul 17, 2017) - Amazonas Florestal, Ltd. ( (OTC PINK: AZFL), a natural resources company dedicated to innovative, sustainable forest management, Industrial CBD Hemp and the certification and sales of carbon credits, today announced that effective July 14th, 2017, Amazon Hemp has strategically partnered with TSC, Inc, on a mission to further research, develop, and manufacture future innovative products made with Hemp tailored to the wireless industry.

TSC offers a wide array of products and services into strategic markets. TSC has grown from a computer/cell phone brokering house when it was founded, to the full service company that it is today. With offices in Atlanta and Shenzhen as well as a factory for refurbishing services in Taipei, their offerings include Housings, LCD's, Touch panels in addition to phone manufacturing and repair services. TSC began as a computer hardware and software broker in 1997. As the market for computers started to wane, TSC diversified into the cellular handset segment. In the early 2000's TSC built handsets for the Insurance market and helped to develop IQC standards that are still in use today.

With this growth, TSC answered the need to deliver high quality housings in a consistent manner, the same standard TSC experienced firsthand building their in-house products. TSC discovered this to be a primary and essential reason for them to build a solid and stable supply chain.

In 2004 TSC began supplying housings, LCD's and Repair Services for major Insurance and Logistics companies. These services branched out to overseas deliveries while providing cost savings implementation in the logistics chain of their customers.

Since 2007 TSC has worked with and supplied into the Insurance, Logistics and Small Repair & Resale businesses.

TSC became R2 certified in 2015 as well as ISO14001 and OHSA 18001. This step has helped TSC broaden its client base and also procurement model as well.

TSC believes that with all of these support avenues, they can help a company of any size grow effectively. TSC looks forward to partnering with Amazon Hemp as well as helping them grow their Revenues.

Tom Seabrook, President of TSC, Inc., " TSC is excited about developing a sustainable resource which will help build a healthy well being as well as a valuable sustainable product which can develop our R2 vision both inside and outside of the Mobile phone industry. We are happy to announce this partnership with Amazon Hemp and look forward to marketing and growing our products worldwide".

Ricardo Cortez, Company Chairman of Amazonas Florestal, Ltd stated that "I believe this is not only a strategic but also a creative decision that will benefit both entities that thrive for similar goals and visions. Our plan is to engage in many research projects for the development of innovative products for the wireless industry, ideally our goal is to ultimately replace recyclable materials like cartons and plastics for Hemp".

Hemp Plantation Update

  • As of today, we are on our 60th day out of 110 days of production, putting the project at a 55% completion.
  • Amazon Hemp would like to announce that our CEO Peter W Stebbins, will be officially moving to Miami in August, and will be leading our company's main projects (Hemp and Wood) directly from our headquarters.
  • Tentative negotiations to Pre-Sale our product due to a high demand in the market, and the massive amounts of flower expected from our 200 acres plantation.

About Amazonas Florestal Ltd.
Amazonas Florestal Ltd. is a natural resources company dedicated to innovative, sustainable management of large tracts of land in the rainforests of Amazonas, Brazil, that include the certification and sale of carbon credits and the growth, harvesting, research and development of Industrial Hemp and related products in the U.S.
Headquartered in Miami, FL, Amazonas's goal is to become a leader in sustainable forest management and preservation, creating revenue while protecting the biodiversity of the rainforest ecosystem and enhancing the lives of the people who live in it. Through a strategy of selective harvesting, certification and sale of carbon, biomass and biofuel production, and conservation incentives, Amazonas Florestal Ltd. intends to help protect one of the world's greatest natural resources and show how its preservation can be a profitable activity. Visit the Company at:

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