Zscaler Reveals Insights From the World's Largest Security Cloud at Black Hat USA 2017

Researchers Share Latest Threats from IoT, Mobile Devices and SSL Traffic in Presentation Series at Booth #1160

SAN JOSE, CA--(Marketwired - Jul 24, 2017) - Zscaler, Inc., the leading cloud security company, today announced that it will host a series of presentations on ThreatLabZ research and secure network transformation at Black Hat 2017 in booth #1160. Presentations will include such subjects as IoT and mobile risks in the enterprise, evolving ransomware tactics, and the latest trends in exploit kits. 

Presentations at the Zscaler™ Booth #1160
The following sessions will take place every hour starting at 11:00 am PT each day.

  • A Peek into IoT Traffic in the enterprise
    IoT has transformed how, where and when we do business, and, as a result, it has exposed the enterprise to increased security threats. This session will focus on the effects of the growing number of unmonitored consumer IoT devices in the workplace, the malware Zscaler has identified as exploiting these devices, and how to protect your organization in light of this new threat vector.
  • Decrypt SSL traffic or die
    SSL encryption is increasingly being used to hide exploit kits, malware and other risks. However, in many cases, organizations whose security equipment supports SSL inspection to detect such threats disable the feature due to unacceptable levels of latency experienced on the corporate network. Learn some of the ways hackers are using SSL encryption to hide their latest tricks and what to look for in your Internet traffic.
  • Business is booming for exploit kits - a year in review
    Exploit kit campaigns continue to target popular and legitimate web sites through malvertising, creating a serious threat to the enterprise. These campaigns rapidly transform so that as one exploit kit dies off, another that evades protections and continues the delivery of ransomware payloads quickly replaces it. In this session, Zscaler ThreatLabZ researchers will review the latest in exploit kit activity and what has been learned through tracking these campaigns throughout the year.
  • The evolving face of ransomware
    Petya and Wannacry were not just the beginning, but a means to an end. While these attacks did not use the web protocol as their original attack vector, Zscaler threat researchers watched in real time as infected global traffic morphed from infected PCs calling out to malicious sites to, within hours, delivering new variants over the web channel. Zscaler will explain how every byte of traffic that flows between your users and the Internet can be the delivery mechanism for advanced threats and ransomware.
  • One click from Google Playstore to malicious destinations: do you know where you're going?
    The predominant tactic to spread malware on mobile devices is duping a victim to click on something -- an infected website URL or an infected file attached to an email. During the past year, Zscaler has identified the most effective lure for malware authors: popular games and apps. These authors disguise their malware as a hotly anticipated app, and victims unknowingly download the malware, believing they are downloading a legitimate app. In this presentation, Zscaler will share research on mobile malware trends, particularly as they affect Android-based devices, and their effect on the enterprise.
  • Z Cloud: New visibility into the secure cloud
    What is the most powerful crowd-sourced analytic application you use: Waze? Grasswire? Google search? Don't miss this ThreatLabZ presentation about the world's first crowdsourced cloud security dashboards. Zscaler will demonstrate the patterns, trends and outliers that emerge out of the 35 billion transactions the Zscaler cloud processes each day.
  • The Internet model is killing your VPN
    For remote and branch users, VPNs were a necessary evil when applications lived in a corporate data center. Today, as more applications are accessed directly over the Internet, IT teams are learning that they must evolve their network and application access approach to allow only specific applications to be accessed on authorized devices by authenticated users. In this session, attendees will learn why and how to transition from network access over a L3 IPsec VPN to a software-defined perimeter.

View the entire schedule here. Visit Zscaler at booth #1160

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