NEW YORK, July 26, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Cyberinc, a global leader in cybersecurity, announced that it has signed a global OEM partnership agreement with HPE for powering Isla, its advanced web malware isolation system. The collaboration with HPE will enable Cyberinc to aggressively sell and deliver Isla, backed by HPE’s advanced go to market infrastructure and efficient fulfillment supply chain.

Samir Shah, CEO, Cyberinc, said, “Isla is a game changing innovation in Cybersecurity and we are investing to scale it to meet the surging demand. HPE’s leadership position in the worldwide server market with over 23% market share, its rich OEM expertise and global market reach will help us drive leadership for Isla across the key markets globally. Isla’s disruptive isolation technology combined with HPE’s world class go to market capabilities will help us win in the marketplace. We are looking forward to expanding adoption of Isla® across global markets by addressing the toughest security concerns of enterprises, and delivering security solutions that exceed expectations.”

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Cyberinc also said regarding Security in a Digital Era…
“The digitization wave has resulted in reshaping the cyber-security landscape with advanced, sophisticated web malware attack techniques such as Ransomware, Spear Phishing, Malvertising and Drive-by-Downloads. These advanced cyber-attacks which routinely bypass traditional defenses can be devastating to enterprises and require specialized technology and personnel to effectively counter such attacks. With browser-based malware emerging as a prime attack vector there is a clear need to shift the focus from malware detection – which can never be 100% accurate – to malware isolation to ensure malware free web-browsing.

Cyberinc’s Isla presents a new approach to defeating web based malware with innovative isolation technology that isolates all web content outside the network perimeter.  Isla adopts a ‘isolate’ approach versus the traditional ‘detect and respond’ approach, thereby redefining how one secures the enterprise from Malware Based Threats. “

Cyberinc added about HPE…
“The partnership with HPE enables a seamless and simplified global rollout for Isla around the world leveraging HPE’s advanced go to market infrastructure and fulfillment supply chain.

“HPE will drive accelerated expansion and adoption of Isla through its world class manufacturing, distribution and support infrastructure. Collaboration with HPE will enable Cyberinc to strategically gain leadership in the end-point security market with Isla system, an industry-pioneering innovation that eliminates all external malware based threats emanating through the browser.”

“HPE’s expansive capabilities to meet the requirements of high quality production and timely delivery, along with its ability to give support and coverage across 120 countries will position Isla to rising customer demands across markets.”

Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) on the partnership
"Cybersecurity is a paramount concern for businesses large and small. Cyberinc’s isolate strategy is a unique approach to the traditional detect and respond model. Partnerships like this enable both HPE and Cyberinc to utilize our strengths to deliver unique solutions that bring value to customers," says Phillip Cutrone VP & GM WW OEM DCIG Business, HPE. "Consistent global execution is one of the cornerstones of the HPE OEM Program. We provide the technology portfolio, supply chain and services that enable partners like Cyberinc to quickly scale their business so they can focus on and build upon their unique value."

About Cyberinc
Cyberinc is a subsidiary of Aurionpro and delivers advanced security solutions for enterprises. Its offerings include secure, scalable, high performance security products that protect from cyber-attacks, and services that help enterprises transition to next generation access management systems. For more information, please visit:  Cyberinc, a global leader in cybersecurity continues to accelerate the expansion of Isla web malware isolation system powered by HPE as its OEM and GTM partner.
Isla delivers complete web freedom through an industry pioneering isolation approach to preventing malware from entering an enterprise’s network.

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IDENTITY WORLD is the new conference on how trusted technologies address the state of the individual identity and its contribution to global development. An estimated 1.5 billion people do not have an official, government issued and recognized document as proof of their legal identity. The majority of these people live in Asia and Africa and a disproportionate number are women and children.

IDENTITY WORLD has set out to address this identity gap through the collective lens of our cultures, experiences, understanding and resources. Complementing its sister World e-ID and Cybersecurity conference till now, both the intensity of discussion and diversity of subject matter has lent itself to become in 2017 a separate space in the realm of public discourse.

Over 2.5 days, 40 speakers will address thoroughly the strategic framework stakes along key themes including: Statelessness & Inclusion • Civil Registration and Vital Statistics • Public & Private Sector Cooperation • Digital Identity, Democracy & Peace.
Thought leadership insights will be illustrated by case studies of large-scale implementations (identity, e-vote, healthcare, welfare payments…) as well as industry and technology perspectives. Multiple panel discussions are scheduled to ensure maximum interactivity.


Connect Security World
Embedding Trust in IoT Systems and Connected Hardware
Conference & Exhibition - Sept. 25-27, 2017– Marseille Provence, France

As IoT solutions are transitioning from hype to real deployments, the “Internet of insecure things” threat is gaining ground. To address unlimited risks, threats and vulnerabilities surrounding IoT, a new generation of connected devices and services is required, with better security and privacy by design. In its 6th edition, Connect Security World invites both digital security experts and IoT developers to discuss and define a true end-to-end security, from sensors to Cloud, from design and development to deployment.

Key 2017 themes include:
– Embedding Security in billion devices: SW/HW approaches
– New IoT networks security: LPWAN, 4G/5G…
– Cost of security: Time to market vs secure design
– IoT security regulation: industry and governments role

Joining Connect Security World offers the opportunity to meet and exchange with 350+ professionals: experts from security research and industry, associations, standards bodies as well as IoT stakeholders from manufacturing to digital services. Within Smart Security Week, they will benefit from additional synergies of contents and networking opportunities.


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