CHICAGO, IL--(Marketwired - Jul 27, 2017) - Ama La Vida, an innovative coaching company that helps people thrive in their professional and personal lives, today launches its new Career Designer Program. With a unique blend of one-on-one and online coaching, the program helps you discover who you are and craft a personalized career plan that will bring you both success and fulfillment.

A recent Deloitte study showed that 80% of people dislike or hate their job. Such staggering employee disengagement statistics are disheartening but not surprising.

"When most people enter their career or make a transition, the first thing they do is head straight to the job postings and start applying," said CEO and co-founder Nicole Wood. "Very rarely do they take the time to first look introspectively to understand what motivates them, what inspires them, what guides their decisions and behavior. We believe that everyone has the capability to create a career that's not just 'good enough' but one that's truly epic. In order to do that you need clarity around who you are, courage to go after your dream even if it's non-traditional and commitment to make it happen."

Each of Ama La Vida's founders left the stability of a successful corporate career to transition to entrepreneurship and know first-hand that making a big career change is scary and often overwhelming. With that in mind, the Career Designer Program transforms this daunting experience into a structured, step-by-step process.

Over the course of four weeks through a hybrid model of face-to-face and online coaching, you identify the key personal attributes which Ama La Vida has found are critical to selecting a rewarding career path: your passions, gifts, values and purpose. These attributes are then used to identify career options, and you are guided through exploring your non-negotiables at work and what a day in the life of each is actually like. You finish with an optimal career direction directly aligned with who you are and a detailed action plan to make a transition.

The program consists of:

  • Four private coaching sessions with a Certified Coach
  • Ten powerful online eCoaching sessions to be completed in between private coaching sessions
  • Around the clock access to the Ama La Vida community where you can interact with and receive support from others making career moves 
  • Personalized reports summarizing your new insights, a transition plan with milestones, action steps and deadlines
  • Optional enhancements like resume writing, interview coaching, personal branding and more

Ama La Vida's proprietary online eCoaching technology mimics the experience of working with a live coach, delivering you a more convenient, flexible and cost-effective solution than is possible with private coaching alone. With the utmost confidence in the value and impact of the program, Ama La Vida does not charge customers for Career Designer until their final week, so you can see tangible results before making an investment -- if you don't see results, you don't pay a dime.

For more information about Ama La Vida and the Career Designer Program, visit To get to know the Ama La Vida team and to learn how to design a career you love, join Ama La Vida's webinar on August 1 at 1 pm CT about curing "Mondayitis." Visit here to register or for more information:

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Ama La Vida is disrupting the coaching industry by incorporating innovative technology and cultivating a supportive community for members to connect and support each other in their personal and professional development journey. They have redefined coach accessibility by engaging clients through various communication platforms.

The first of its kind the Ama La Vida coach network provides business infrastructure, administrative support and ongoing coaching education, so coaches can be focus on what they love most, coaching without worrying about being business owners.

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