Screen6 Launches The Hub

Identity Resolution Platform Delivers Enhanced Functionality for Building, Measuring, and Analyzing Cross-Device Data

New York, New York, UNITED STATES

New York, July 31, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Screen6, the leading provider of cross-device ID management technology, has launched The Hub, a centralized solution for advertising and marketing technology companies that enables self-service cross-device ID processing, analytics, and activation. The Hub makes it possible for clients to quickly build and map cross-device data sets based on their specific needs and provides advanced reporting tools that deliver a comprehensive view of audiences, devices, behavior, and marketing impact.

The Hub onboards and connects CRM databases with desktop, mobile, connected TV, and the Internet of Things. The new solution was built within a single User Interface with tools which can be activated similar to an app store. Each function and collaboration with external partners is powered by Screen6’s proprietary technology. The Screen6 de-duplication process connects user identifiers (UIDs) across all channels and devices - allowing for the technology platform to profile, target, attribute, and analyze people's activities anywhere in a digital environment.

“This is a significant step forward for Screen6 and the industry as we extend our core data products into an extensible platform solution designed to help our clients better understand their cross-device audience and execute their campaigns more effectively,” said David de Jong, CEO at Scree6. “Our self-service platform is built on top of our proprietary technology and allows our clients to develop their technology stacks with identity resolution at its core while retaining full control and ownership of their own data.”

The Hub allows clients to easily analyze what parts of their platform can be extended with external data assets. The Hub offers a number of tools to enable platforms better accessibility and interoperability of their own datasets, both internally as well as externally when collaborating with partners.

Features of The Hub specifically built with advertising and technology companies in mind include:

  • Audience Amplification which allows clients to target the same user seamlessly across channels
  • CRM Data Onboarding enables direct syncs between PII providers and the IDs already included in the client’s private graph to ensuring the highest match rates
  • POI Audience Building leverages historical location data from external partners to empower the client’s private graph to develop location specific audiences for targeting across all channels. Segmentation options include geographical travel behaviors, brand affiliations, and OOH exposure.
  • Cross Channel Store Visitation Rate allows users to analyze the effect each digital media channel has on consumers’ offline behavior
  • Advanced Householding which extends campaign reach by identifying all devices within a Household while eliminating waste from traditional householding

“"The modern consumer using a multiple variety of platforms is an everyday reality,” said Dan de Sybel, Infectious Media's CTO. “As we expand into other markets with new clients, we believe that this solution is something that can benefit all users, providing accessibility to cross-device data sets, linking data providers and partners."

“We’re excited to be working with Screen6 as an integration partner for The Hub to make it easy to seamlessly bring client’s CRM data onto the platform,” said Paul Chachko, CEO of Throtle. “Marketers need advanced tools that allow them to quickly leverage their data to better understand audiences, target more accurately across all screens and increase their return on ad spend. By integrating with The Hub as a technology partner, we will make it possible for Screen6 clients to use CRM data in an accurate and transparent fashion and ultimately increase effectiveness for campaigns across all channels.”

The Hub serves as a solution for technology platforms, but is also a distribution point for third-parties including location data vendors, in-store traffic attribution platforms, beacon data sets, CRM databases, census partners, and traditional data management platforms monetizing data segments.

About Screen6

Screen6 is the global leader in cross-device identity technology. The company was founded in 2012 and now services more than 30 of the leading AdTech, MarTech, and research platforms by identifying the missing link in their data - which devices belong to the same person. Screen6 partners are able to make smart, real-time decisions across devices by using exceptionally reliant cross-device data. At Screen6, a team of data scientists and engineering gurus sift through hundreds of billions of data points and find the right matches within.


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