PROtect Launches New App Offering Personal Safety Through a Virtual Security Guard

Vancouver, British Columbia, CANADA

Vancouver, Aug. 02, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Today marks the launch of the most user-intuitive personal safety application on the market: PROtect. The Smart & Simple Personal Security App.  Born out of a need to unite mobile technology with the reassurance of personal safety, the application allows users to connect with their closest contacts and alert them when they find themselves in unfamiliar or emergency scenarios. PROtect is the first to leverage mobile technology and personal networks to create a virtual security guard for scenarios as common as a first online date, traveling alone or being in a professional scenario with strangers. 

In the United States, Canada and Europe alone, an estimated 53 million people are lone workers across industries, including real estate, social work and trades.  Based on increasingly independent work commitments, PROtect was conceived to boost confidence, enable full independence and peace of mind, so that regardless of the situation, users have a network of protectors.

As technology progressively becomes a part of our everyday lives, we increasingly use the internet to meet our needs. This exposes us more than ever to scenarios where we find ourselves alone with strangers. This can range from booking a room in a stranger’s house on Airbnb, booking a ride through Uber or meeting someone new through an online dating app or meetup group. Tinder alone is estimated to have over 50 million users globally, and over 140 million guests have stayed at an Airbnb listing. While these apps aim to simplify our everyday and fulfill our social lives, they also multiply encounters in which our personal safety may be at risk. PROtect ensures user safety remains the number one priority without compromising independence. 

Merideth Schutter, CEO and Founder of PROtect adds, “The development of PROtect came together organically.  I had one too many close encounters in my professional life where I was alone with a stranger and feeling vulnerable.  This experience is exponentially larger when you look at the millions of people who work alone or are interacting with strangers.  We all want to ensure our loved ones are safe. Through the use of our mobile devices, we can do just that.”

PROtect boasts a number of features that help ease the feelings of anxiety and stress among users who find themselves in a situation where they are alone or vulnerable. The application allows users to send out an alert to a circle of chosen friends, known as “PROtectors”, if they feel at risk at any moment. Alternatively, it allows them to set up a timer for an alert as they enter a situation they are cautious of. Once an alert has been sent, the “PROtectors” are shown the location of the user, along with information on their battery status and any photos or notes taken during a specific event. The application allows the circle of protectors to communicate with one another to ensure the user is safe. PROtect syncs easily with calendars, contacts and event schedules and offers additional features such as “an excuse phone call”.

PROtect is available now for download on the iTunes store and Google Play


About PROtect

Merideth Schutter is a realtor and mother of three. She created PROtect after years of using her own security “hack” during open houses — keeping her mother on the phone in case of emergency.

Merideth wanted to build an app that gives solo workers a safety net, and quickly realized it could help a wide range of people do their thing safely with the help of family and friends. What started as an app for solo professionals quickly became a lifestyle necessity for anyone seeking an easy-to-use safety solution. It’s also great for parents looking for a safe way to provide independence for their kids.

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