SANTA CLARA, CA--(Marketwired - Aug 2, 2017) - CloudVelox, a pioneer in cloud automation and orchestration software, today announced release 5.0 of its One Hybrid Cloud™ software with new capabilities to enable automated mass migrations to datacenters with VMware virtualized environments. With this new release, One Hybrid Cloud™ now enables 3 new use cases for enterprise customers with the flexibility to migrate workloads from any source to datacenter environments including between data centers (DC to DC), rack to rack (intra-datacenter) as well as migrate or repatriate workloads from the cloud to the data center (Cloud to DC). Previously, CloudVelox had delivered several innovations including automated Application Blueprinting and automated network customization to enable automated migration and recovery from the data center to the cloud. These new use cases deliver on our vision to provide IT Executives and Partners the ability to manage a boundary-less data center by enabling a seamless dynamic pool of resources without boundaries and without fear of lock-in.

Enterprise IT executives have concerns when it comes to their applications such as, a) How to decide which application runs where b) How to move a workload to the correct operating environment / destination, and c) How to avoid being locked-in somewhere. CloudVelox now offers a unique software solution that will give CIOs and IT executives the flexibility to shift any workload in and out of data centers and clouds to maximize the best cost structure for running that workload without re-factoring or re-engineering that application multiple times.

"Hybrid data center operations will be a fact of life for many enterprises, especially large and very large enterprises with globally distributed data center operations, between now and the end of the decade." "Effectively managing hybrid data center operations is likely to be a significant challenge for many organizations," state Gartner researchers, John Morency and Neha Kumar in a recent report. **

CloudVelox believes that the workload of the future will have an automated way to move to the best environment that fits the need of the Enterprise. Whether that is a budget need or if it's based on a workloads characteristic, security role, performance parameters. We call this "workload portability" being able to move/run a workload in the appropriate infrastructure environment and optimize it for performance/security/costs without fear of lock-in.

With One Hybrid Cloud 5.0 software from CloudVelox, a single solution will automate the migration of workloads/applications from multiple sources at once (Physical, Virtual, Public, Private, or Hybrid Cloud) into any destination (Virtual, Public, Private, or Hybrid Cloud) enabling 3 new use cases using their patented Automated Application Blueprinting technology.

CloudVelox One Hybrid Cloud™ 5.0 Beta Migration Uses Cases:

"As CIOs lead enterprises through a journey of digital transformation, one of the critical challenges they face is implementing their strategy of data center consolidation and hybrid cloud deployments. Public clouds offer the promise of business agility, cost savings and scale but might reduce IT flexibility and result in lock-in for certain business applications," said Raj Dhingra, Chief Executive Officer at CloudVelox. "With One Hybrid Cloud 5.0, CloudVelox simplifies the complexity of moving workloads between datacenter and clouds as well as accelerates the time to business value via a high degree of automation. Whether it's moving workloads from data center to cloud, or between data centers, or bringing workloads back to the data center, enterprises can not only significantly improve IT productivity, but also reduce their risk of lock-in."

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*AWS Cloud or VMware Virtualized
**Gartner Source: "Market Insight: Market Changes are Driving the Future of Recovery Services" (G00324868).

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