FITCHBURG, Mass., Aug. 07, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Micron Products, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Micron Solutions, Inc. (NYSE American:MICR) (“Micron”)  with U.S. offices in Fitchburg, MA, is pleased to announce that the Company has entered into a multi-year agreement with Security Devices International, Inc. (“SDI”) to supply SDI with its patented collapsible head blunt impact projectiles (BIPs) and collapsible head payload projectiles including OC, CS, ML (marking liquid), MP (marking powder), MO (mal-odorant), IN (inert powder) and DNA Marking as well as it less lethal Glass Break rounds (GB-OC and GB-CS).

Under this agreement, Micron is the exclusive contract manufacturer of a variety of products for SDI who is a leader in the area of 40mm blunt impact projectile technology.   SDI’s patented collapsible head design has made it possible to fire a heavier projectile with greater accuracy and greater stopping power over a wide range of distances with significantly reduced risk of serious injury or death.   The increased range and greater stopping power has provided a valuable less lethal tool for police, correctional services and anti-riot personnel, “After five years of close collaboration and development, we are excited to be a part of SDI’s next phase of commercialization.  We are very pleased to be working with SDI as they begin to expand into new markets worldwide. We look forward to supplying SDI and their customers with this truly ground-breaking technology,” commented Salvatore Emma, Micron’s President and CEO.

Bryan Ganz, President of SDI continued, “Micron has been an integral part of the development of the BIP and collapsible head payload rounds.  We at SDI look forward to working closely with our manufacturing partner to continue to develop exciting new products that will keep SDI at the leading edge of the less lethal technology curve.  In fact, there are several products that are currently in development which we cannot discuss at this time but which we hope to be able to release later this year.”

About Micron Solutions, Inc.

Micron Solutions Inc., through its wholly-owned subsidiary, Micron Products, Inc., is a diversified contract manufacturing organization that produces highly-engineered, innovative medical device components requiring precision machining and injection molding.  The Company also manufactures components, devices and equipment for military, law enforcement, industrial and automotive applications.  In addition, the Company is a market leader in the production and sale of silver/silver chloride coated and conductive resin sensors used as consumable component parts in the manufacture of integrated disposable electrophysiological sensors.  The Company’s strategy for growth is to build a best-in-class contract manufacturer with a specialized focus on plastic injection molding and highly-engineered medical devices and components requiring precision machining.

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About Security Devices International Inc.

SDI is a less-lethal company specializing in the sale of innovative, next generation non-lethal ammunition and tactical gear. The Company’s munitions solutions are a safer alternative to conventional crowd control devices currently in the marketplace, such as beanbags and batons as well as plastic, wood and rubber bullets. SDI is currently deploying their family of non-lethal munitions to law enforcement, correctional services and homeland security agencies across the globe.


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