Precision Health Company Newtopia Secures Patent for Hyper-Personalized Disease Prevention Platform

Patent Protects Company’s Hi-Touch Precision Health Program That Provides Proven Health Benefits and Cost Savings

NEW YORK, Aug. 08, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Newtopia, a leading precision health company that utilizes genetic testing, behavioral science and smart technology to build highly personalized disease prevention programs for the enterprise, announced it has been granted a patent for its novel and hyper-personalized disease prevention platform. The patent represents seven years of effort to protect Newtopia’s innovative disease prevention solution.

Newtopia’s patent, U.S. Patent 9,554,754, is a system, method and computer program for weight, lifestyle and/or disease management integrating tailored nutrition, exercise and behavioral management information to create custom plans for users. The patent provides strong intellectual property protection of Newtopia’s proven approach to establishing meaningful one-to-one experiences by leveraging genetic and behavioral understanding to deliver engaging high touch, smart touch programs to reduce risk, prevent disease, and reduce healthcare costs.

“At Newtopia, we firmly believe that one size doesn’t fit all when it comes to effectively treating people at risk for developing preventable chronic diseases like Metabolic Syndrome,” said Newtopia founder and CEO Jeff Ruby.  “This patent recognizes our unique and highly targeted approach to precision health, which is unlike anything else in the market. And with it, we are successfully changing the common healthcare approach from what I refer to as sick care – care you receive when you’re already sick, to true healthcare – which is preventative care and measures taken to stave off diseases and maintain health.”

Newtopia is the only precision health program backed by scientific data with proven results that demonstrate higher engagement, outcomes and in-year savings. Aetna sponsored a 3-year Randomized Control Trial with Newtopia with initial 12-month outcomes published in the Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine, illustrating game-changing results. Newtopia helped participants reduce body weight, experience meaningful clinical improvements, and save $1,464 per employee per year. These savings are equivalent to a 2X return on investment in just the first year of the program.  The significant costs savings in the first year of participation provide an unequivocal return on investment long before the industry standard of three to five years.

About Newtopia
Newtopia is a precision health company leveraging genetic testing and the latest engagement science to inspire individuals to make healthy lifestyle decisions and reduce their risk of developing preventable chronic diseases. Newtopia's patented disease prevention platform combines personality-matched coaching with smart mobile technology to keep clients motivated and on track. Newtopia is partnering with insurers, employers and brands to offer disease prevention and management programs to risk-assessed individuals that deliver proven sustainable outcomes, quantifiable cost savings and a substantive ROI. Newtopia's programs and products are guideline and evidence-based and are available across the United States and Canada. 


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