Ancestry Surpasses 5 Million People in DNA Database, Giving Customers Even More Opportunities to Discover Who They Are and How They Connect to One Another

To celebrate milestone, AncestryDNA kits are on sale for $69 through August 15


LEHI, Utah, Aug. 09, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The power of the AncestryDNA network continues to grow as Ancestry today announced that more than five million people have taken an AncestryDNA test. As the number of people in the AncestryDNA network continues to grow, so does the opportunity for new and existing customers to learn more about their personal history. As the world’s largest consumer DNA database, AncestryDNA also provides customers with an unequaled opportunity to discover unexpected connections to new relatives, with more than 37 million third cousin or closer relative matches provided across the network.

To celebrate, and help even more people discover their heritage and make connections, AncestryDNA kits will be discounted from $99 to $69 through August 15, 2017.

“We’re proud to connect millions of people to their past and their present in deeply personal ways,” said Ken Chahine, executive vice president and general manager of AncestryDNA. “From a simple mathematics perspective, five million people in the network means we have the opportunity to provide customers with more potential connections and deeper insights into where they came from. But what customers clearly appreciate the most is how we take that math and help them turn it into powerful, life-changing discoveries and experiences.”

By combining the insights available through AncestryDNA with the rich family history content Ancestry has long been known for, customers can delve even deeper into the histories that led to them. In addition to tracing their ethnicity across 26 different regions around the world, customers have the opportunity to find how their family stories connect to any of 334 Genetic Communities – more specific historical groups of people like “Ulster Irish,” “Early Settlers of New York” or “Early Settlers of New Mexico” who were bound together through time and migrations by culture, religion, geography or even economics.

“Ancestry was founded on the inherent human need to find out where we come from, our heritage and the people we’re connected to,” said Vineet Mehra, executive vice president and chief marketing officer at Ancestry. “By making first genealogy and more recently genomics accessible and easy to use, we’re committed to helping people unlock the past to inspire their future, because when you have a better sense of your own identity – it changes how you view the world and how you view your own future.”

AncestryDNA facts:

  • With 5 million users, the AncestryDNA network would be the second largest city in the United States based on population just after NYC.
  • The AncestryDNA database grew from 4 to 5 million in the last three months. That’s about as fast as babies are born in the United States.
  • If everyone in the database stood arm to arm, the length of the line would be long enough to span the distance between San Francisco and Tokyo.

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About Ancestry
Ancestry, the global leader in family history and consumer genomics, harnesses the information found in family trees, historical records, and DNA to help people gain a new level of understanding about their lives. Ancestry has more than 2.6 million paying subscribers across its core Ancestry websites and DNA data from more than 5 million people. Since 1996, more than 10 billion historical records have been added to Ancestry’s databases, and users have created more than 90 million family trees on the Ancestry flagship site and its affiliated international websites. Ancestry offers a suite of family history products and services including AncestryDNA, Archives, AncestryProGenealogists, and Fold3. AncestryDNA is owned and operated by DNA, LLC, a subsidiary of, LLC.


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