NEWARK, Del., Aug. 14, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Cinera, Inc., today announced the launch of world’s first fully immersive personal theater headset, offering users an IMAX-like cinematic experience with outstanding dual-2.5K displays.

The Cinera headset provides a wider screen experience than most movie theaters and boasts a picture quality four times better than other similar products. While a typical movie theater offers viewers an angle of around 54 degrees, Cinera provides a viewing angle of 66 degrees. An IMAX screen provides a 70 degree angle.

“Mobile devices give us greater access to movies and entertainment, but fail to capture the magic of a cinema, of watching a movie on the big screen,” said Peter Lin, CEO and founder of Cinera, Inc.  “The Cinera headset combines the immersive magic of the cinema with the individual experience today’s mobile devices offer.”

Cinera’s superior image quality is a result of groundbreaking dual-2.5K displays, with a resolution three times that of a cinema, and eight times that of an iPhone 7 Plus. Unlike existing products, which split a single screen into two and only uses approximately the central 47 percent screen area, Cinera’s dual-screen architecture utilizes up to 95 percent of the screen area, which achieves four times the sharpness and fully alleviates the screen-door effect. The headset also includes a 3D-mode to provide even more vivid and brighter images than those in theaters, without the need for 3D glasses.

Cinera, Inc., will launch a 35-day Kickstarter campaign starting on Aug. 14, offering its headset at a $399 early bird price. Post-Kickerstarter, the headset will retail for $799. Included with the headset is an adjustable viewing arm, micro-USB cable, and a power adapter. A head mount system (with embedded battery) will be sold separately for $49. 

Ease of use is key. Cinera works just like an Android smart phone; users can install their favorite streaming apps or play entertainment programming from a micro-SD card. It can also function like a personal television by simply connecting to a blue-ray player, gaming console, or a computer via HDMI cable. It also has 2GB of memory, 16GB of storage and is WiFi enabled.

Included with the Cinera headset is an ergonomically designed burden-free arm to support the headset in order to increase comfort. The burden-free arm can be easily adjusted to any position and can be attached to different surfaces.

The audio has been designed to recreate the acoustics and sounds effects of a movie theater.

Cinera, Inc., was selected into the hardware accelerator program Kick2Real, administered by FoxConn, and will benefit from FoxConn’s support in every step of the manufacturing process, from supplier selection, product design, tooling, manufacturing and quality control.

About Cinera (
Cinera, Inc., is incorporated in Newark, Del., with corporate offices in Hong Kong, China. The company was founded in 2014 by a group of enthusiastic and passionate entrepreneurs who love movies and technology, and is scheduled to launch its first product, a head-mounted personal cinema system, in August 2017. Cinera Inc.’s mission is to revitalize the big-screen experience outside a movie theater, so movie lovers can enjoy movies with highest quality and great convenience with comfort. 

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