New Acquisitions Directors Invited to Speak at National Confrerence

Atlanta, Georgia, UNITED STATES

ATLANTA, GA, Aug. 14, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- August 14, 2017Leading Atlanta-based marketing firm, New Acquisitions, prides itself not only in the results it produces for their clients, but also in the personal accomplishments and recognition received by team members as well. So when the team found out its directors, Zack Schuch and Adam Gerald, were invited to speak at a national conference, it’s no surprise that they decided to join them.

As of this morning, August 14th, the New Acquisitions team has officially landed in Orlando, FL, where the conference will be taking place and according to New Acquisitions’ Office Manager, Amber Abrams, the team can’t wait to see their directors on stage.

“It’s great that everyone gets to see Zack and Adam in such a different setting than the office,” explained Abrams. “They get to hear them in the office during meetings and on conference calls on a daily basis, but I’m excited for them to see the impact that these guys can make on a much larger scale.”

With the conference split into two days of individual seminars, the team will also have some time to rest and relax while meeting some new peers. The Gaylord Palms Resort and Conference Center, gracious host to the conference, has over 10 on-site restaurants and a lavish pool. All guests have been encouraged to explore the resort during their off-time and network with peers in the marketing and sales field.

Tagging along for his first national conference with New Acquisitions is account manager, Luke Johanson. A recent college student, Johanson is excited for a chance to watch his mentors speak publicly, but also to learn from the other speakers as well.

“I can’t wait to see Adam and Zack up on stage! I’m pretty interested in what topics the other speakers are going to cover as well. I’m going to be taking a lot of notes, that’s for sure!” exclaimed Johanson.

Graham Craig-Crouch, fellow account manager at New Acquisitions is no stranger to these national conference, but this time around he can’t help but feel nostalgic with Johanson by his side.
“I was there for Luke’s first day in the office and I even got to show him the ropes, as they say,” said Craig-Crouch. “It’s cool to think back to someone’s first day and how much they’ve grown since ‘Day One’.”

Not only is the team anxious to hear Schuch and Gerald’s presentations, but they are also excited to see Gerald receive his official promotion to Director of Regional Accounts at the awards ceremony set for tonight. Gerald will be recognized for the exponential growth that he and his team has produced for their clients in front of his peers and others joining the conference.

The moment will surely be monumental, according to Schuch, who has been Gerald’s mentor in business since the beginning of his career in marketing and sales.

“Adam has come a long way since he joined the company coming out of college,” said Schuch on Gerald’s promotion. “All respect that he’s earned within the company, within the organization, and with his peers is 100% deserved. He’s made huge strides and we’re proud to give him this promotion and chance to prove himself further.”

According to current statistics, it is rare for someone who is considered a “millennial” to start on a career path and stick with it for 10+ years. When this was mentioned to Gerald, he commented, stating that being promoted tonight is only the beginning of a new journey.

“It’s crazy to think that an interview I had 10 years ago has led me to where I am today,” Gerald reflected. “It’s very rare that someone can say that they’ve stayed It’s been an incredible journey of ups and downs, but I’m a much stronger person in business and in life because of it. This promotion isn’t an end to a journey but the beginning to an even bigger one.”

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