SolarWinds Updates Pingdom to Help Organisations Better Retain Customers, Build Positive Brand Image, and Drive Revenue Through Improved Digital Experience Monitoring

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SYDNEY, Australia, Aug. 15, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- SolarWinds, a leading provider of powerful and affordable IT management software, today announced important feature updates to Pingdom®, its market-leading digital experience monitoring (DEM) solution. The updates include the all-new filmstrip view and threshold alerting, as well as mobile application enhancements.

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Chief among the findings of the recent SolarWinds Digital Experience Monitoring Survey* are that organisations across the globe are experiencing digital issues that negatively affect their businesses at an alarming rate. 42 percent of IT professionals said their organisations have experienced such issues in the past year alone, yet only 13 percent are currently leveraging digital experience monitoring (DEM). Nevertheless, among the organisations that reported a revenue increase, it has driven an estimated mean of 17 percent revenue increase.

“We live in a highly digital world where companies can no longer take a passive approach to the digital experience of their customers—it’s an organisation’s most important competitive advantage and makes all the difference between a good or bad customer experience,” said Christoph Pfister, executive vice president, products, SolarWinds. “With more than one million accounts, Pingdom is the industry standard in the DEM arena, helping organisations make websites faster and more reliable with powerful, easy-to-use uptime and performance monitoring. With today’s updates, IT and marketing professionals are more empowered than ever to not just ensure websites and web applications are online, but actually fulfilling their purpose in retaining customers; building positive brand image; and ultimately, driving revenue.”

“In today’s increasingly complex application environments, where users connect via a growing variety of devices and traverse a multitude of services within an app, quickly identifying when and where problems occur is key to business,” said Nancy Gohring, senior analyst, application and infrastructure performance at 451 Research. “Providers of traditional APM solutions that can offer products capable of monitoring and improving the digital experience will be well positioned to serve the needs of businesses that are increasingly focused on the user experience.” 

Key Pingdom Updates

Filmstrip View
With the new Filmstrip function, Pingdom users will be able to easily view the web page rendering using data from the Pingdom PageSpeed test, enabling even greater visibility of how website and web application changes impact the end-user experience. Filmstrip view is now available.

Threshold Alerting
With threshold alerting, users can select a time threshold after which their site is considered down to receive an alert informing them of the timeout, just as they would for an outage. This allows users to specify how long is too long when it comes to server response times for their website, giving them greater control over how their websites performs for visitors. Threshold alerting is now available.

Mobile Application Enhancements
With the latest updates to the Pingdom mobile applications for Google® Android® and Apple® iOS®, users will enjoy an updated design, more application customisation, and other benefits. These mobile application enhancements for Android are now available, and the updates for iOS will become available in an upcoming release.

Latin America Probe Servers
Latin America is one of the fastest growing Internet markets in the world. Pingdom has added seven probe servers in Latin America so customers can check their website’s availability and performance from this growing region. Pingdom now has over 100 probe servers located across the globe. Latin America Probe Servers are now available.

For a live view of global website outages, which demonstrates the need for greater DEM adoption, visit the Pingdom State of the Internet Live.

*Fielded between May and June 2017 in conjunction with Penton Research, the survey yielded responses from 244 IT professionals from across the globe. Full survey results available upon request.

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