SUNNYVALE, CA--(Marketwired - Aug 15, 2017) - To kick-off the 2017-2018 NFL season, the New York Jets and Xperiel, inventor of the Real World Web (RWW) platform, are announcing a partnership to bring football fans' favorite in-stadium activities right to their fingertips. Starting on September 24, during the home game against the Miami Dolphins, fans using the New York Jets app will be able to participate in customized experiences that create a deeper connection between mobile users and the action in MetLife stadium. These initiatives include a real-time play-along game called "I Called It!," which was first released last year and is now exiting beta with version 2.0, and a series of industry-first augmented reality (AR) experiences that digitize traditional in-stadium activities and make them more widely accessible.

"A New York Jets home game is a great blend of time-honored stadium traditions and cutting edge technologies like real-time play-along gaming and augmented reality," said Seth Rabinowitz, SVP Marketing & Fan Engagement, New York Jets. "This year we are taking a big step forward in digitizing the way our fans interact with the game, so that everyone, whether at MetLife Stadium or not, can get in on the fun and excitement of gameday through their mobile devices."

Xperiel's Real World Web™ platform provides deeply immersive digital experiences to consumers. The "I Called It!" game allows every fan to channel his or her own inner expert football game analyst and make predictions on upcoming plays to gain points and win prizes. Additionally, new augmented reality activities will be released to bring unique stadium capabilities to a much wider audience, all via the team's official mobile app.

"Digitizing the professional football fan experience is a great example of how traditionally low tech activities are receiving a high-tech makeover," said Alex Hertel, CEO, Xperiel. "What we've created with the Jets is the first of its kind. Instead of just spectating, fans will have the opportunity to become participants using the latest in interactivity and augmented reality technology."

Throughout the Jets' season fans will be able to engage in other interactive activities at MetLife Stadium and at home. To participate, users must download the "official New York Jets" app from the Apple App Store or Google Play.


Xperiel's Real World Web (RWW) platform merges the physical and digital worlds together by providing mixed reality experiences to consumers across any device. The inventors of the Google Wallet technology built the Xperiel RWW platform as an operating system that connects all aspects of the consumer network together. It is comprised of a universal trigger fabric, device-agnostic applications in the cloud and an all new graphical programming language based on the founders' original PhD research. Xperiel, a Silicon Valley-company, makes it possible for brands to quickly build interactive applications that are contextually aware and can communicate with real world objects through digital activation points called triggers. Using Xperiel, consumer-oriented companies can connect siloed consumer touch points and embrace emerging technologies to deliver immersive, customized experiences to individuals via any connected device. Xperiel's patented, easy-to-use graphical programming language expands the number of people that can develop interactive IoT apps, radically compressing the time and cost it normally takes. Companies in professional sports, entertainment, retail and other industries use Xperiel to maximize the value of their IoT investments and connect their existing infrastructures to a growing device network. Organizations including the New York Jets, Sacramento Kings, Los Angeles Dodgers and Pepsico partner with Xperiel to deliver engaging experiences via the RWW to drive customer loyalty while increasing revenue opportunities in a fast-moving, digital world.

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