KENNETT SQUARE, PA--(Marketwired - Aug 16, 2017) - Good Gaming, Inc. (OTC PINK: GMER) (the "Company") owner and operator of the world's most scalable eSports tournament and social network platform for novice, competitive and professional electronic Gamers, is pleased to announce its strategic Minecraft division and the addition of Gamer Adam "Fluxty" Wathan to head up the division.

Good Gaming's Minecraft division has been hard at work and is currently focused on their major mods on the dueling system, and Battle Royale. The dueling system is nearing completion. Their Bungeecord version is now complete and the Spigot version is expected to follow within the next 2 weeks. The Company expects to release the beta of their competitive Player vs Player (PvP) mod by the end of August 2017. Current projections for Battle Royale is expected to be released before the end of October 2017, as it is a project which involves a much larger workload, including a large, realistic 3,500 by 3,500 map built in Minecraft, which will feature multiple large city areas, outposts, roads, and more.

These proprietary Minecraft game mods will allow Good Gaming to cater to a more competitive audience alongside our current games by introducing a global dueling system capable of supporting PvP tournaments, alongside of their Minecraft Battle Royale mod, designed to be similar in nature to that of games like Player Unknown's Battlegrounds or H1Z1's King of the Kill.

Plans are also in the process for complete re-codes of major game-play elements in existing game-modes, including SkyBlock and two Prison modes. Custom analytics are being improved which will provide increased transparency and insight for unique users, sessions and page views that are not typically available in Minecraft. Further plans are to expand the competitive player base in order to begin work on a series of much smaller mini-games that will compliment a soon to be set of 11 game modes.

The Company continues to enjoy a 3rd place ranking as ranked by Future plans are to focus advertising on social media outlets, especially YouTube, in order to increase exposure.

In the Company's first year of life with their Minecraft server, they have found themselves housing 300-550 concurrent players at any given time of day, without spending any monies on advertising or exposure. When looking at the over 44,000 Minecraft servers worldwide, who are competing to be the best, the success Good Gaming has experienced is almost unheard of and puts the Company right at the top for all potential consumers to find them.

The Company is also pleased to report revenues have shown continued improvement since the implementation of micro-transactions and plans to improve on what they have to offer Good Gaming players. The Company has also continued to identify a significant amount of potential for new perks to be added to micro-transactions, thereby, creating additional revenues. New payment methods are also being added, in order to create flexibility through the implementation of rank upgrades (buying a higher tiered micro-transaction at a reduced cost if a player already has a lower tiered one), and with promotional sales.

Adam "Fluxty" Wathan, Head Administrator of Good Gaming's Minecraft Division, stated, "The success we have experienced with our Minecraft server in the last several months is unprecedented. Our ability to rise as a top contender against veteran competition seeking the same audience shows our abilities to give players what they want. I'm very excited to be moving forward on this journey with Good Gaming in order to help increase revenues through micro-transactions, growing the existing player base, and to create proprietary Minecraft mods that will help to keep us as a top world class Minecraft server."

David B. Dorwart, Good Gaming CEO, stated, "In addition to laying down a strong fundamental business foundation for Good Gaming, we are also looking to recruit the best and brightest Gamers and developers for our Good Gaming website. Having Adam "Fluxty" Wathan on the team shows our commitment to surround ourselves with bright minds within the gaming industry. He is an excellent example of the talent who will be helping to take Good Gaming to the next level. We look forward to adding more bright minds in the eSport industry to our existing team as we expand into additional opportunities."

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Good Gaming is a leading competitive online tournament gaming and social network platform targeting over 250 million eSports players and participants worldwide who want to communicate with each other, develop strategies and compete at novice, competitive and professional levels. Depending on a Gamer's level of skill, players have the ability to win tournaments which include prize money, gifts and raffles. Good Gaming recently confirmed its partnership with one of the world's leading games publishers and is launching a series of tournaments in 2017. The eSport industry has experienced exponential growth going from $500 million to $1.2 billion over the last two years with industry analysts forecasting a $5 billion global industry by 2020.

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