IRVINE, CA--(Marketwired - Aug 22, 2017) -  Enterprise Counsel Group ALC (ECG) -- a business law firm specializing in general litigation, appellate litigation, transactional law, and real estate matters, offers a highly selective summer associate program that attracts some of the top law school talent in the country. The 2017 summer program included two rising third-year law students who were selected from a pool of nearly 100 applicants. The program is run by James S. Azadian, shareholder at ECG who also heads up the firm's appellate litigation and regulatory law and affairs practices.

ECG's summer associate program accepts applications from second-year law students who meet stringent requirements. For consideration, the prospective summer associates must have, at a minimum, distinguished themselves as being at the top of their class, recognized as outstanding legal researchers and writers, and proven contributors to their communities.

"Our summer associate program is a vital community contribution that equips the next generation of lawyers with hands-on experience that will prove invaluable as they rise up to become attorneys and leaders in our communities," says Azadian. "Whether they eventually join ECG or pursue other endeavors after finishing school and sitting for the bar exam, we're confident their summer experience prepares them for the road ahead. For example, a majority of our summer associates go on to clerk for the finest federal trial and appellate jurists in the country, crediting their in-depth experience at ECG as the pivotal factor in securing those prestigious judicial clerkships. We are particularly proud that these judges see in our summer associates what we see in them: unmatched talent and skill. It is not only a testament to our strong recruitment, but also to the mission we promise to our clients: offering the best solutions by some of the most qualified and respected legal minds in the country."

Summer associates accepted into the ECG program work with each of the firm's practice groups, including general litigation, appellate litigation, transactional law, intellectual property, and regulatory law and affairs. This survey-type exposure allows each summer associate to experience the particulars of various practice areas so they can begin to understand which area(s) is (are) most suited to their particular interests. Each summer associate is reviewed at the end of the summer and provided with constructive criticism about their performance and conduct.

"Our program is a strong draw for some of the top second-year law students in the country who are attracted to ECG's stellar reputation in litigation and transactions," says Azadian. "We provide summer associates with an immersive environment where they can learn and then help the broader community. We have a committee led by one of our senior associate attorneys, Eric Salbert, who does a superb job in organizing fun summer activities, designed specifically for the summer associates to interact with firm associates and partners, and to gain a further sense of the firm's dynamic culture." Azadian adds, "The activities are always fun, ranging from stand-up paddle boarding to baseball games to a Hawaiian-styled luau, but they also serve the important purpose of learning more about our summer associates in different settings -- we want to know how they interact with staff and people in the broader community. Book smarts is not the only thing this firm and our clients value!" Azadian concluded by noting his favorite summer activity hosted by the firm this year was dinner at his home followed by a group tour along the Laguna Beach Art Walk. "We had our summer associates meet our attorneys and their families, and witness the great affinity we have for one another at our firm -- and we got to do it over good food and while taking in some of the best art that the world has ever known!"

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