Pet Owners Want Their Pets to Eat Healthier Foods Than They Do

New survey from Diamond Naturals® Finds Close Human-Pet Relationships Influence Pet Food Purchases

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META, Mo., Aug. 25, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- It's no surprise we're crazy about our pets. Some devoted pet parents put Fido or Fluffy first, especially when it comes to nutrition, according to new consumer insights shared by Diamond Pet Foods. 

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In a survey commissioned by Diamond, nine out of ten pet owners say it’s important to feed their pets food as healthy or healthier than the foods they feed themselves. And, while they want high-quality nutrition for their pet, most of them want it at an affordable price.

Family-owned Diamond Pet Foods couldn’t agree more, as its philosophy has always been that every pet deserves the best.

“We’ve devoted more than 40 years to making high-quality foods that every pet owner can afford and feel good about feeding to their pet,” said John Kampeter, vice president of sales, Diamond Pet Foods. “We know pet owners’ relationships with their dogs and cats continue to evolve, so every day we listen to their requests and try to better understand how those changes influence what foods they place in their pets’ bowls.”

Below are some additional highlights Diamond Pet Foods shared from its recent survey.1

High-quality nutrition is essential
People who said they “spoil” their pets are most concerned with:

  • The specific nutritional qualities of the food (78 percent)
  • How healthy the food appears to be (73 percent)

Factors these pet owners consider when evaluating a food include the ingredients listed on the label (76 percent) and information and reviews available online.

The survey found that pet owners are keenly interested in the amount and type of protein contained in pet food.

  • 61 percent evaluate the source of protein
  • 42 percent evaluate the amount of protein in the food
  • With owners of “spoiled” pets, 80 percent evaluate the protein source and 55 percent the protein amount

With high quality being such a high priority for pet owners, it makes sense that they also care who manufactures their pet’s food. Half of the survey respondents preferred purchasing food from a family-owned company.

Variety matters
Pet owners want food their pets enjoy and they think the pet finds tasty, according to the survey. They also think it’s important that pet food companies offer a variety of food options, a desire addressed with the variety of Diamond Naturals formulas that can meet any pet’s needs.

Diamond Naturals formulas contain quality ingredients including cage-free chicken, pasture-raised lamb and beef, guaranteed probiotics, superfoods and fruits and vegetables. They provide complete nutrition for all pets, from calm lap dogs to high-performance athletes.

The Breakaway Siberians sled dog team is one example of how high-performance athletes excel with Diamond Naturals. With 16 energetic rescue dogs, owner Richie Camden not only needs to provide the best nutrition for his pups, but with a new baby in the family, price is a big factor. Now sponsored by Diamond Naturals, the team is celebrating National Dog Day with a special video that notes the importance of nutrition.

“We’re proud to be the official pet food sponsor for the Breakaway Siberians in 2017,” said Kampeter.

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1 Online survey of a representative sample of pet owners conducted by an independent research firm in August 2017.

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