FORT MYERS, Fla., Aug. 28, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- WhereverTV Broadcasting Corp. (OTC:TVTV), which delivers Over The Top (OTT) subscription television services to a variety of devices including smartphones, TabletPCs, streaming media players, computers and connected TVs announced today it has finalized Brand Ambassador and Creative Partnership agreements with country music star Collin Raye for WhereverTV's wholly owned Digital RodeoTV (DRTV). DRTV is a wholly-owned subsidiary of WhereverTV and a channel specifically for country music fans.

Collin Raye, an American country music singer with 10-time CMA / ACM Male Vocalist of the Year nominations, with 12 studio albums, 15 Billboard #1 hits, 24 consecutive top 10 singles and 30 charted singles and selling over 8 million albums worldwide. Under the Creative Partnership agreement, Digital RodeoTV and Collin Raye will be developing Collin RayeTV designed to create a wide range of entertainment related opportunities aimed at generating revenue and growing fan bases worldwide. Collin RayeTV will be a combination of live concert events, live studio interaction with his fans as he creates and releases exclusive new music, and lifestyle related content so the artist and fan can interact and connect on a whole new level. Collin be will hosting a series of live televised events related to his release of his 25 years in country music. His fans will be able to tune in live and have one on one discussions with Collin as he reveals the stories behind his 25 years in country music and the music that garnished him over 8 million albums sold worldwide.

Under separate agreements, Collin Raye also agreed to become a Brand Ambassador to WhereverTV's DRTV division. As Brand Ambassador, Collin Raye will act as spokesperson for WhereverTV's DRTV subsidiary and under the brand ambassadors’ agreement, it will be his duty to introduce DRTV to the country music industry and to his fans around the world.

Edward D. Ciofani, CEO of WhereverTV stated, “I’ve been a huge fan of Collin Raye for years and I’m excited to have this opportunity to work with him in developing Collin RayeTV. The fans ability to access content across any platform and on any device, is becoming the wave of the future.” WhereverTV’s Music business model & its Global OTT Television platform is merging country music with live TV via Digital RodeoTV, creating entertainment opportunities that will allow the artist and fan to interact and connect on a whole new level. Mr. Ciofani went on to say, “Distribution is pivotal for any artist to be successful and is even more crucial for them to stay relevant with their fans.

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