MIAMI, FL--(Marketwired - Aug 29, 2017) - XumaK, LLC., a leading provider of innovative end-to-end services in digital marketing and e-commerce, announced that it has launched Tikal, a new entity tightly focused on developing XumaK's revolutionary BedrocK® platform. As part of its platform strategy, Tikal has released Danta under an open source license, the GPL v3.0 & Commercial. Danta is the agnostic multi-platform templating engine developed by XumaK and now owned by Tikal. XumaK will continue to support as a premier partner.

Danta enables developers and IT teams to use technologies they already know, expediting the creation and leveraging of reusable technical assets. It ensures quality, accelerates delivery, and reduces the total cost of ownership for e-business platforms, including Adobe Experience Manager, Jahia and Elastic Path. Other benefits stemming from the move to open source include:

  • Industry-standard technology approach reduces product-specific learning curve.
  • No software vendor lock-in.
  • Reduced Lifetime Total Cost of Ownership of digital platforms.

"We're seeing significant value driven from an open source platform, which promotes collaboration, helps avoid vendor lock-in and enhances the delivery of the best digital experience," explained Josh Oransky, Chief Visionary Officer for XumaK. "With an open source powered Danta, our customers can deploy their digital marketing programs 33 percent faster while saving on costs. With Danta, we're enabling developers to use industry-common development technology, avoiding costly proprietary digital experience platform tools and methodologies."

XumaK formed Tikal to deliver innovative technology solutions for enterprises worldwide. XumaK's rapid growth over the last four years has been fuelled in large part by its BedrocK platform, which has developed to a point that it can now stand on its own. As part of the formation process, XumaK transferred to Tikal all BedrocK IP, including Danta, FeBe, GRID and more.

"At present, 90% of XumaK customers use Danta. As a primary contributor to BedrocK, XumaK will naturally continue a symbiotic partnership with Tikal as a premier system integration partner," said XumaK Founder and CEO and Chairman of Tikal, Marcos Andrés Antil. "XumaK will continue to focus on helping its customers digitally transform their businesses on BedrocK through implementation and enablement services and taking the risk and complexity out of deploying end-to-end digital marketing solutions."

About XumaK

XumaK, an Adobe Business Partner, is a digital consultancy that provides cutting-edge e-commerce, analytics and mobile solutions, which are easy to use, quick to install, and cost effective. Founded in 2004, XumaK is headquartered in Miami with offices in Southern California, Guatemala City, Guatemala, and Medellin, Colombia. XumaK delivers professional services excellence for clients in North, Central, and South America, as well as for clients across the globe. Visit or @xumak on Twitter.

About Tikal

Formed in 2017, Tikal's innovative end-to-end delivery platform, BedrocK®, makes it possible for your company to successfully implement digital solutions through an agnostic and scalable integration platform. Using the open source Danta platform, FeBe and GRID, all of your digital marketing can be implemented with one simple solution. Visit or @tikaltek on Twitter.

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