Overcoming Chicago’s Streets, Lupus and Single Motherhood to Succeed

Overcoming Chicago’s Streets, Lupus and Single Motherhood to Succeed Chicago State University Nursing Student, Tiffani Topps Receives Single Mother Scholarship

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Martinsville, NJ, Aug. 31, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- It’s no secret growing up in a community filled with gangs and dangerous streets, the odds are stacked against any given person.  Now, add Lupus, single motherhood and being a young African American woman growing up in the south-side of Chicago in one of the roughest neighborhoods—the chances of success are devastatingly narrow. However, not all who face such terrifying adversity sink; there are a select few with unbelievable success stories that defy the odds.  Tiffani Topps is a nursing student at Chicago State University who has overcome every obstacle life has thrown her way to become an amazing inspiration to single mothers everywhere.  

Top Products is honored to award Tiffani with the 2017 Single Mother Scholarship. The Top Products Single Mother Scholarship program is designed to give single moms financial support so that they may realize their educational goals. The scholarship is awarded to mothers who are single, have financial need and demonstrate academic merit.

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, over 80% of the single parent families in 2016 were headed by single mothers like Tiffani. These single mothers often spend a larger portion of their income on childcare expenses and necessities, leaving them with very little to spend on education. Couple that with the financial strain going to college can place on any family—let alone a single parent home—getting a degree can seem nearly impossible. This was the motivation behind the Top Products Single Mother Scholarship Program.

TopProducts is a strong advocate of both higher education and family values, and we recognize that single parents need help paying for school to create a secure future for their children. Tiffani is a wonderful role model who despite her hardships, has been incredibly committed to balancing motherhood and maintaining a 3.31 GPA,” said Scott Smith, spokesperson for Top Products.

“Throughout my life I have heard people say, ‘you are a product of your environment.’ But my goal has always been to be better than my environment and to better myself,” said Topps. “I may have grown up in a rough neighborhood, I may be a single mother, and yes, have been battling Lupus, but nothing will stop me on my mission to complete school and pursue my career in healthcare. By overcoming so much adversity, I can not only provide my daughter with financial security, but also prove that single African American mothers everywhere can succeed no matter the odds,” she added.


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