LAS VEGAS, NV--(Marketwired - Aug 31, 2017) - Bellatora Inc. (OTC: ECGR) is a U.S. based manufacturer, marketer and distributor of innovative vaporizer products and eLiquids for alternative tobacco and marijuana consumption.

Bellatora Inc. has entered into a distribution partnership with A-T Taste LTD a Nazareth company with the premium Bellatora product line. Manufacturing has been completed and delivery of our first shipment shall take place mid-September 2017. Our well designed line of eLiquids and the Vanquish complement the European marketplace.

According to "The Times of Israel" the Health Ministry recorded the biggest single-year setback in more than a decade, with the smoking rate rising to 22.5 percent in 2016 from 19.7 percent in the previous year. With the deeming regulation in the United States for the FDA pending regulation changes, Israels Health Minister, Yaakov Litzman is making no restrictions on the use of eCigarettes. Phillip Morris, the powerhouse of the eCigarette market has released an alternative vaping product in Israel, with regulations being very loose. Litzman has also firmly refused to require cigarette manufactures to show the dangers of smoking on their products sold in Israel.

Bellatora Inc. consistently has been driven to reduce the health risks to the consumer by removing as many avoidable risk elements from our eLiquids as possible thus offering a better alternative to consumer products currently in that demographic. There is no minimum smoking age limitation in the Israel area, however Bellatora Inc. will continue to be responsible with the world's youth by offering that the minimum age requirement in Israel shall be 18 years of age on all Bellatora premium products.

Bellatora has manufactured top premium eLiquids as well as the world's best and most versatile eCigarette hybrid, "The Vanquish," which offers the perfect burn rate for eLiquids and variable viscosity eLiquids such as CBD and THC products. With the decriminalization of Marijuana in Israel, Bellatora is perfectly positioned to offer a broader product range. Parliament voted on May 5, 2017 to decriminalize smoking of THC products and weed in public. If one chooses to smoke in public there will be fines implemented and unless you reoffend four times in public there will be no criminal implications. The future of eLiquids containing alternative products is clearly on the rise. Bellatora Inc. plans to distribute American made eLiquids and Vaping products with a higher standard for excellence, and continue to design and manufacture the world's top products with a healthier vision in mind.

Bellatora Inc. is excited to expand into the European marketplace with talks happening in the near future for distribution in Ukraine and Russia. The Vanquish will set records in the Israel area once a solid distribution network has been established. According to studies by Bellatora Inc., the average consumer of eLiquids desires a vast array of flavors which at present is not being answered by other american manufacturers in Israel. The company looks to the future expansion to different regions of the world attracting the consumer that is looking for a healthier lifestyle alternative.

About Bellatora, Inc
Established in 2014, Bellatora came into existence to fulfill the need for a simple, non-intrusive alternative to the often neglected and wonderful pastime of cigar smoking. Bellatora's journey with the eCigar attributed to the desire to cross utilize and expand the brand to a robust product line. The company purpose is to raise the bar for the vaping experience by providing a well-designed alternative method to smoking.

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