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Univers Interactif is proud to announce a partnership with Captain Robert Piché to implement an innovative learning experience in risk management. Univers Interactif will donate 1% of annual sales to the Fondation Robert Piché, which supports organizations working with people with an addiction to alcohol, drugs and/or gambling.

Robert Piché managed one of the greatest feats of modern aviation on August 24, 2001, by making an emergency landing with an Airbus 330 that had been flying 10,000 m over the Atlantic, saving the life of 306 passengers and crew members.

Starting this fall, Mr. Piché will share his experience with decision-making in extreme conditions with senior management serving on boards of directors and executive committees. The game-oriented training workshop will provide managers with an unprecedented experience that's tailored to their reality and that will provide them with tools to facilitate their day-to-day decisions.

"We've designed an intensive three-hour training course to get business leaders thinking and acting in a volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous environment. Using technology, they will have an immersive learning experience where they will be plunged into action through a real scenario," said Geneviève Desautels, president and founder of Univers Interactif.

Mr. Piché is a few months away from retiring as a pilot and has already held more than 1,200 conferences on decision-making, crisis management and risk management. "I'm very pleased to join a team that transforms conventional training tools into a modern and effective learning experience for the business community," said Robert Piché.

"Captain Piché's story is inspirational and connected to the demanding decision-making environment of executives. The lessons learned from his experience translate into concrete and effective management tools," said Geneviève Desautels. This is the second "game" created by Univers Interactif since the company appeared on the show Dans l'œil du dragon in 2013, and five others are currently in production. "I'm glad to see our innovative concept becoming a reality," she added.

About Univers Interactif

Univers Interactif develops training products and technology tools to immerse managers into a decision-making experience based on real-world cases. The courses' content is based on the accumulated experience of Geneviève Desautels, who spent over 15 years building managers' skills in large- and medium-sized companies. (

About Captain Piché

Robert Piché is a Quebec airline pilot. After over 20,000 flight hours in his 45-year career, he will retire as a pilot for Air Transat in November 2017. He became known around the world on August 24, 2011, when he made an emergency landing in the Azores, without an engine, after gliding for over 20 minutes due to a fuel leak, saving the life of 291 passengers and 13 crew members. This legendary feat earned him many honours, including the Quebec National Assembly's medal of honour in 2002 and the release of a film telling his story, Piché, entre Ciel et Terre, in 2010.

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