BUFFALO, NY--(Marketwired - Sep 7, 2017) - Black Stallion Oil and Gas, Inc. (OTC PINK: BLKG) (the "Company," "Black Stallion") is pleased to announce that it is conducting an internal survey and is seeking qualified computer programmers and gamers to participate in a trial to measure various consumer and research parameters as they relate to Active Lab International, Inc.'s ("Active Lab") patent pending Alpha Synapset™. These parameters will be used to indirectly gauge the usage of the product in a focus driven, high-stress atmosphere. 

The focus of the survey is Alpha Synapset™ -- which is a natural product that has demonstrated to act synergistically on the neurochemical reactions of the brain. This innovative (patent-pending) product helps restore normal brain function and improves the well-being of people with ADHD -- a common neurodevelopment disorder that begins in childhood and often lasts into adulthood. The most recent studies show that improved cognitive function, due to Omega-3 fatty acids (EPS/DHA) and certain specific minerals and vitamins helps to concentrate, focus, as well as provide a calming effect on children and adults alike.

We have demonstrable data from Active Labs that shows the cognitive benefits of the Alpha Synapset™. Management feels that it is prudent to have internal data that we can quantify for our specific target market. Our marketing strategy is currently geared towards "tech savvy" consumers who use alternative currencies and are actively engaged in a tech laden lifestyle. Our next product offering isn't far behind, however due to the complexities of its active ingredient there are a few technical issues being hashed out. Management is going to take this opportunity and use the internal study to provide us with valuable insights into our potential new demographic.

Interested candidates are asked to email activelabstudy@gmail.com to receive further protocol information.

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