NEWPORT BEACH, CA--(Marketwired - Sep 7, 2017) - Carepoynt -- a first-of-its-kind health- and wellness-focused rewards program, platform and network designed to put consumers at the center of their own healthcare experience -- is pleased to announce that it has successfully launched and is expanding its availability as a solution for new members, customers and partners to joyn the Carepoynt Community and begin making healthcare more rewarding for all within the massive, $3 trillion healthcare marketplace -- which is costly, confusing and often unsatisfying for consumers.

The Carepoynt team has leveraged years of experience in consumer rewards programs, customer relationship management platforms and healthcare industry expertise to create Carepoynt as the first consumer-centric rewards program, platform and community that is focused exclusively on what is more than a $3.5 trillion healthcare market opportunity. Consumers can now joyn the Carepoynt Community by signing up with a free Carepoynt member account at to become connected, aligned, engaged and rewarded within a growing network of local, national and online healthcare, wellness and other related partners, providers, payers and employers who are on the platform and participating in the program. More than 100 Carepoynt Community partners have been successfully added to the program prior to launch, and new Carepoynt Community partners and members are now being accepted as the program expands.

Carepoynt designed and built a proprietary cloud-based, multi-channel Rewardsware for Healthcare platform and Poynts-based network to enable community partners to easily set up and offer the customizable Carepoynt Rewards program for their customers, patients or employees, and to quickly enable Carepoynt members, customers and partners to earn, redeem and share CarePoynts™ for themselves and others within their Carepoynt Cliques™. Additionally, Carepoynt encourages members to create personalized profiles that will encourage them to participate in self-directed CarePlans and other results-oriented interactions through a variety of health and wellness providers, products and service partners available in the community. By enabling, encouraging and rewarding these customizable experiences, Carepoynt is focused on helping consumers develop and stick to their own CarePlans for themselves and their Cliques and be more connected and aligned with their providers, employers and partners to achieve improved engagement, better outcomes and mutually rewarding results for members, customers and partners.

"The need for consumer engagement in healthcare has never been higher," says CEO and founder, Tim Stanley -- a successful serial entrepreneur, advisor, executive and venture investor. "With our decades of combined experience leading healthcare and technology firms, as well as pioneering CRM platforms and rewards-based incentive programs in many other industries, we envisioned Carepoynt to be a compelling, consumer-centric solution that also appeals to key partners, providers, payers and employers that are an important part of our massive but complex healthcare marketplace. While Carepoynt's primary focus is on creating value and creating more rewarding interactions for its members and partners, our hope is that over time our approach can help mend some of the concerns and frustrations associated with our costly, chaotic and uncoordinated American healthcare ecosystem. Today, expenditures for individuals and their families are typically 3 to 5 times more than other developed countries, and the industry spend and resources expended on reactive 'sick care' is nearly 100 times more than the investment in proactive 'wellness' care. Carepoynt offers a solution that not only has immediate appeal and value for consumers and partners, but also a longer term strategy and approach that could have huge benefits in improving health outcomes while reducing some overall costs of the system. That's what we mean when we say 'More Rewarding Healthcare for All' and why we are excited to now be able to launch Carepoynt into the market and begin that journey."

After an oversubscribed initial funding round of $1.5M in the first quarter of 2017 led by Tech Coast Angels, HBS Angels, Sheppard Capital and the Carepoynt team and other private investors, the company has been able to expand its core team, accelerate the number of partners on the platform and focus on deployments, earning and redemption of CarePoynts within the network, and work with pilot customers in the Carepoynt Community.

With its official launch to market, the company is planning for significant growth through the end of 2017, and will undertake its next stage of funding to fuel expansion and proactively invest in the key resources and capabilities that will ensure the program, platform and network scales to meet the demand of more members, customers and partners across the healthcare marketplace.

"Every healthcare provider strives to deliver the best possible care to achieve the best possible outcomes," says co-founder Dr. Tom Giannulli MD, MS, who serves as chief medical officer and head of technology for Carepoynt, and has a successful track record as an innovator and entrepreneur in the healthcare technology market. "With Carepoynt's compelling patient insights and coordinated care approach, healthcare providers not only deliver highly-personalized service, but also have the capacity to design and implement realistic plans and engaging, rewards-based campaigns that their patients can use to achieve their health goals. Carepoynt was built from scratch to not only serve the needs of the healthcare marketplace, but also to help give back and contribute to the consumers and communities we serve. We hope to play a part in boosting the confidence and accessibility of the eroding U.S. healthcare system, and provide more value for what people have to spend on their own healthcare -- creating a path for more Americans to live healthier, more rewarding lives."

ABOUT CAREPOYNT: Carepoynt is the world's first health-focused rewards program, platform and network that puts consumers at the center of their own healthcare experience. Developed in response to the costly, chaotic and uncoordinated healthcare ecosystem, Carepoynt is a compelling consumer-centric program built around a multi-channel, cloud-based Rewardsware for Healthcare™ platform where members can connect, align, engage and be rewarded within a trusted network of healthcare-focused providers, payers, employers and strategic partners. These Carepoynt community partners use the platform to encourage consumers to earn, redeem and share CarePoynts™ for themselves and their CareCliques™ by participating in prescriptive or self-directed CarePlans and interactions with a variety of health and wellness providers, product and services partners. By engaging in the compelling and personalized consumer-oriented experiences that Carepoynt enables for payer and employer wellness programs, patients, providers and partners can achieve improved engagement, better outcomes and mutually rewarding results. Carepoynt's mission to encourage healthier living, enhance the value and improve the results from its healthcare investments as well as enable more engaging experiences and better outcomes across the healthcare and wellness ecosystem is reflected in the Carepoynt CARES approach. By empowering consumers and the healthcare ecosystem to be more connected, aligned, rewarded and engaged, the Carepoynt program, platform and network are catalysts for success in the shift from the costly sick care system to a more rewarding, value-based and results-oriented healthcare system. With a unique consumer- and business-focused program, modern multi-channel platform, and rapidly expanding network of local and national health and wellness-related partners, Carepoynt not only empowers consumers and the healthcare ecosystem to engage in more rewarding and results-oriented interactions together, but also to Share the Care with other members in their Cliques™, donate to worthy causes within the Carepoynt community, support the Carepoynt Share the Care Foundation, a favorite employer or personal charity. All it takes is participating in healthy activities, engaging in care plans or promotions and making smart health- and wellness-related purchases. Carepoynt can also be leveraged for employer and insurer-based wellness program engagement, enabling smarter care planning and compliance for patients and providers and acquiring and fostering more purpose-driven relationships between health-oriented brands and consumers. With the Carepoynt CARES approach, patients, providers, payers, employers and other partners can finally connect, align and succeed by focusing on better value, lower costs and improved results initiating a shift towards a healthier society. From Rewards to Results > Carepoynt Makes Healthcare More Rewarding for All™. Follow Carepoynt on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. For more information, or to joyn, connect with Carepoynt @

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