CLEVELAND, Sept. 11, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- ImmersiveTouch Inc. (ITI) has installed a revolutionary technology at MetroHealth in Cleveland, Ohio that allows surgeons to practice complex operations in a 3-D virtual reality (VR) environment. MissionRehearsal® enables surgeons to practice on a specific patient’s case prior to the real surgery, using information from the patient’s CT scan, MRI and angiograms. Images are uploaded and the patient’s anatomy is reconstructed in a 3-D model. The surgeon can then create a detailed plan in virtual surgical reality. MetroHealth is the first hospital in the country to purchase this breakthrough technology.

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The ImmersiveTouch surgical simulation technology represents a major shift in how VR technology is delivered to surgeons. Dozens of elite academic institutions including Cleveland Clinic, Johns Hopkins and University of Chicago are currently using ImmersiveTouch to train their residents with procedural modules using a library of generic cases. Ben Roitberg, MD, chair of neurosurgery at MetroHealth, brought the procedural modules and the new MissionRehearsal® technology, focusing on specific patients’ brains, to MetroHealth. ImmersiveTouch Inc. will work with MetroHealth to develop and refine the technology to further enhance the virtual reality experience for surgeons.

Surgeons at MetroHealth can now discuss procedures with patients using the virtual reality headset, an iPad or desktop monitor, showing them the surgical path and additional educational material.

“The capability to visualize and carefully plan complex surgeries is essential to improving patient and surgeon interaction,” said Dr. Roitberg. “Integrating virtual reality technology vastly improves our surgeons’ ability to educate patients and their families and deliver optimal patient care.”

“We are the first company in the nation to integrate surgical training, planning and patient education in a virtual environment with haptic technology. This allows your hand to feel the resistance of a surgery and be able to tell the difference between skin, muscle, and bone,” said Pat Banerjee, PhD, CEO of ImmersiveTouch Inc. “We have created a scalable platform for academic and community hospitals with the flexibility surgeons and patients need. The introduction of MissionRehearsal® means that any health system with an operating room can improve surgical planning and patient education, which can lead to lower cost of care with better outcomes.”

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