TORONTO, ON--(Marketwired - September 12, 2017) - ioFABRIC Inc. today announced that Australian cyber security consultancy, Seccom Global, has supercharged its internal network with the installation of ioFABRIC Vicinity to its infrastructure. Updating its storage infrastructure has been an ongoing focus for Seccom Global due to the company's recent growth, which provided an opportunity to explore new technologies.

As one of Australia's leading Managed Security Servicer Providers (MSSPs), speed and reliability are a must for Seccom Global. The company is continually evaluating new technologies and as part of this process reviewed ioFABRIC Vicinity.

Seccom Global managing director, Michael Demery, said the decision to on-board emerging technologies is never taken lightly, but innovation is not about following the pack. "Our business is in a period of explosive growth, so we had to approach the challenge of storage in a more creative way, and part of that was exploring new technologies."

"The path with ioFABRIC was easy. Not only were we able to improve performance by a staggering amount, we are now able to continually analyze our infrastructure to add further improvements," said Demery.

The success of the partnership has led to further reseller agreements between Seccom Global and ioFABRIC, which will see the company roll the technology into its other offerings. According to Demery, "As big data, analytics, and artificial intelligence become increasingly valuable, our customers are looking more to insights and analytics as the real value-add from technology purchases. With the introduction of ioFABRIC to the Seccom Global cyber security ecosystem, we are uniquely positioned to address the challenges that plague technology professionals every day."

Prior to the partnership with ioFABRIC, Seccom Global was spending large amounts on traditional storage products that didn't suit its heavily virtualized environments. As a result, Demery and his team realized they needed to make the inevitable transition to data virtualization to drive an even stronger competitive advantage for their customers.

"ioFABRIC proved to be an ideal selection as it allows any storage to be connected to Seccom Global's existing infrastructure, creating a single storage pool that is hardware agnostic. ioFABRIC enabled us to do to our storage what VMware did to our servers," Demery added. "ioFABRIC virtualizes storage -- just as VMware virtualizes servers. The technology is a game changer."

Additionally, all storage is now managed from a single dashboard, regardless of storage vendor, make, or model -- which is invaluable, as network admins can instantly see any issues with storage at a glance, even from an iPhone.

"ioFABRIC is the most powerful solution we have seen," said Demery. "Hot data moves to RAM, warm data to SSD/Flash, and inactive data is automatically moved to spinning disks or the cloud -- all without any user intervention. Performance is achieved simply by setting the IOPS or latency required by an application, and everything else is fully automated. Data moves to where it needs to be in order to deliver the performance, capacity, and protection objectives required by the application workload. We may never purchase another SAN, NAS or dedicated storage array thanks to ioFABRIC."

As an increasing number of organizations begin to explore cloud technologies, Seccom Global is investigating multiple public cloud platforms as potential destinations for inactive data and other use cases. The benefit of ioFABRIC is that it sees these clouds as just another storage resource. ioFABRIC makes it simple to access cloud scalability and reduce spinning disk footprints, rack space, and electricity required for data that will rarely be accessed again.

About ioFABRIC Inc.

ioFABRIC Inc. is a data management company whose software solves data challenges while reducing complexity, and optimizing costs. ioFABRIC's flagship product, ioFABRIC Vicinity, is a multi-site, multi-cloud data fabric ensuring storage is always available, always protected, always evergreen. Vicinity 3.0 creates a data fabric supporting applications running on legacy servers, VMs, containers, and clouds. Vicinity is sold through ioFABRIC's reseller and distribution channel, through its powerful LEaD program. Partners sell Vicinity as licensed software or by white-labeling it with additional hardware and/or software. Founded in 2013 by an executive team that has worked together for more than 20 years is funded by private investors. For more information visit

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