NASHVILLE, TN--(Marketwired - September 13, 2017) - edjuster, North America's leading provider of SaaS-based software and services to the property contents insurance marketplace, today announced the deployment of several of its field inventory teams to Texas and Florida to provide inventory and customer service to the thousands of people who have incurred damage and loss of their personal contents, due to the devastating aftermath of Hurricane Harvey in Texas and Hurricane Irma in the State of Florida.

As the damage from these two catastrophic Hurricanes begins assessment; insurance companies across the United States are engaging edjuster to deploy mobile response units to assess the damage of property contents.

edjuster is utilizing numerous field inventory teams from its US market to provide the additional resources required to support the excessive claims volume capacity. edjuster's claims representatives will leverage the company's exclaim mobile, to complete inventory on non-restorable contents. The application ensures greater accuracy, faster and with immediate upload to its e-xclaim valuation platform -- guaranteeing high-level industry performance standards.

"As we begin to process the claims of our insureds, we rely on the trusted and efficient contents inventory of our chosen partner, edjuster," said Greg Jensen, Field Director, Germania Farm Mutual Insurance. "edjuster has successfully managed our contents claims, in an efficient and professional manner, reliably supporting the needs of our customers."

"The catastrophic loss and damage claims we have been assigned to thus far in Texas is the type of substantial loss scene that requires high-levels of customer service, quick response times and an approach consistent in standardization. Fortunately, we are able to draw on our North American market presence and the deep pool of personnel resources we have access to for ground coverage and inventory services", said Melanie Hughes, edjuster's Director of Operations. "All of this contributes to our main objective, which is to assist the thousands of distressed and unfortunate policyholders to accurately re-establish the value of their lost and damaged personal contents in the most efficient way possible, and on behalf of our many Insurer clients".


edjuster is North America's leading provider of SaaS-based software and services to the property contents insurance marketplace, offering insurers and their policyholders the assurance of performance excellence guaranteed on claims services -- leveraging a combination of people and technology. edjuster offers a suite of customizable services, providing end-to-end solutions for all types and sizes of contents claims, from outsourcing support services to software as a service (SaaS) of its exclaim contents valuation platform. Our non-partisan, performance excellence guaranteed approach consistently contributes to enhancing the image and reputation of our insurer clients and ensures that policyholders remain satisfied and loyal.

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